WATCH: Duck Dynasty' s Sadie Robertson Shows Off Her Family Home Where She Tied the Knot!

There is no place like home!
Sadie Robertson opens her family home and shows what makes the Louisiana Farm so special for her.
"We are at my favorite place in the world," said the star of the Duck Dynasty in a video for today's new series "My Happy Place" as she stands in front of the entrance to the Robertson family residence.
"It is the most peaceful and beautiful home," says 23-year-old Sadie, honoring Mother Korie Robertson. "I have to say my mother did a great job with all the design work."
Robertson begins the tour in the living room, which she calls "the most comfortable place in the house," and praises the open floor plan, which gives easy access to the kitchen, and the large, wraparound couch in the room - perfect for playing or watching TV as a family.
Today Sadie Robertson
Today Sadie Robertson
Before she shows off her bedroom, she stops in the hallway next to a very significant work of art that shows two figures dancing together. "Actually, I and my dance partner Mark [Ballas] are from Dancing with the Stars," she explains. "I love it. It's right when you come in. [It] really welcomes you very well."
In addition to all the photos with husband Christian Huff that line the interior of her bedroom, Sadie also shows a very sentimental sign that hangs over her desk.
"I have the word" kind "in really big letters. You can't miss it, "she says." It is something that my mother always prayed about us that we are strong and kind. "
Today Sadie Robertson
Today Sadie Robertson
The bedroom of her younger sister Bella is right next to hers and they have a barn door between the two rooms that they can open or close depending on their privacy.
While showing the family's office, Sadie points out that her mother has found a very appropriate way to pay tribute to her faith: by incorporating Bible verses into the flooring. "My mother put the scriptures on the floor of each of the children," said Sadie. "It's really cool that these words are literally engraved on the floor from which we work."
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Sadie takes the tour outside and shares a part of the farm that will always have a special place in her heart: the tennis court where she said “I do” last year.
"When it was time for us to get married, someone suggested, 'Why don't you get married on the tennis court? 'We said,' This is great, we love this idea, but how does it become a wedding? Venue? '”She remembers.
But in fact, on the actual day of their wedding, the room was completely transformed into a "night garden" filled with lights and seating for 650 relatives.
"It was just incredible," she adds.
Today Sadie Robertson
Earlier this month, Sadie and her husband celebrated a special occasion: his 22nd birthday!
“I called you my fiancé for the first time a year ago and it felt so strange. Wild as a year has passed and husband is the most natural thing you are called. You are my better half, "she wrote in a touching tribute." I can't wait to see you at 82, sitting next to you in a rocking chair and talking about what we're reading while I drink only half of my matcha and you sing 'and another matcha bites the dust'! "

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