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Neither quarterback DeShone Kizer nor Hue Jackson will be fondly remembered for their time as members of the Cleveland Browns. However, it seems those watching the Browns this 2017 season weren't the only ones confused by the offensive play that was taking place. Kizer remembers his first time in an NFL huddle and it's pretty hilarious.
Later traded to Demarious Randall after just one season in Cleveland, Kizer still remembers that year with the Browns (how could he forget?). Kizer walked over to Jackson for the piece and now remembers the piece:
"Stumbles straight out of Y countermove low pass 96 F sail X dagger KILL with 95 open."
Kizer then recalls that he had to go back to Jackson three times for the call and still couldn't get it right. He ends the trip down memory lane with a hilarious quote: “Coach, this is a long play. I'm used to giving some signals [hand signal gestures], you go up and say 61, the offensive line is good and you're ready to rock.
It's fun to look back on this year now, but it certainly wasn't fun being part of that season five years ago.
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Story originally appeared on Browns Wire
Cleveland Browns
Sun 9:00 p.m
Hue Jackson
American football player and coach
DeShone Kizer

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