Watch Heidi Klum's Outrageous Halloween Costume Transformation

Halloween may look a little different this year thanks to COVID-19 restrictions in some areas, but Heidi Klum is still marching on with her annual epic transformation. On Friday, the supermodel posted the dramatic videos of her costume making - and there's more than one look!
The first video shows a masked Klum lying on a white and gray tie-dye bed in a similarly colored bra and panties. Three makeup artists wear full face shields and masks work on her with careful detail, essentially blending her body into the bedding.
The second video shows Klum lying on his back in a bare bra and brown panties, with the camera above them capturing every moment. They paint their legs and arms in marbled brown, while their upper body transforms into a beige block of color.
The best part of the video is watching a very patient Klum waiting her long prep time by scrolling on her phone. Hey, a girl needs some conversation!
The videos are just a taste of what their costumes will look like as they end before we can see the finished project. Nevertheless, Klum gives us a few pointers in her Instagram feed.
She mentions, "[I] do my best to fit in!" in a close-up of the second costume. She also reveals that this year is a family affair with all four of her children, Leni (16), Henry (15), Johan (13) and Lou (11) participating.
"Halloween is very special this year because I get help from my children!" She described the photo of her children dressed like mummies. What could your costume be? Klum didn't even leave us guessing when she turned off comments on her Instagram feed.
Although their annual Halloween party is broke due to the pandemic, their social media pages are sure to reveal all the creepy details. We really want to know!
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Heidi Klum Photo Call for Heidi Klum Dresses in Halloween Costume with Live Audience, Amazon Prime Bookstore Front Window, New York, NY October 31, 2019.
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