Watch Jennifer Garner, 49, And Her Mom Pat, 83, Crush A Workout Together

Jennifer Garner's mother, Patricia Ann Garner, sometimes appears on her famous daughter's Instagram videos.
Jen said that she "naturally" asked her mom to train her on a recent visit.
Pat consistently cracks some hilarious one-liners - and crushes the circuit.
Jennifer Garner's mother, Patricia Ann Garner, appears here and there on her famous daughter's Instagram videos. But Pat just starred in a training video shared by Jen, and it's exactly what you had to see today.
"Pat Garner: the new training sensation ??" wrote Jen in the caption. “My mother started training at the age of 80 and is an expert at 83 under the guidance of her beloved trainer, Mike Irving. ?? ♀️? ️♂️? ️. "
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Jen said that she "naturally" asked her mom to train her on a recent visit. “Thanks to @Apple Watch (mom closed these rings - 241 days and counted) and @HGTV (⭐️ @ & @erinapier ⭐️) for getting my favorite lady in top shape. ♥ ️. "
While the caption is cute, the video is pretty much everything. In it you can see Pat entering a room, followed by Jen, while the 83-year-old says: "Okay. I usually do a round. "
The two start by walking through Jennifer's home gym five times - but not before Pat tells Jen to set her watch and "start your engines!" The two then do five pushups against a ballet bar, followed by five repetitions of a series of weighted arm exercises.
All the while, Pat drops one-liners like, "You know, I'd just get an Ace in college and a C in my hour-long Phys Ed" before joking that her former classmates "are probably mostly dead". During the bicep curls, Pat says "These are my favorites" before sharing that she is doing her exercises at home while watching HGTV. EQUAL.
The two used resistance bands for arm exercises, walked during commercials, and did one-legged step-ups while talking about Home Town, which was on the air. Pat eventually discovered that she forgot to start her Apple Watch and was baffled that she “wasted” 11 minutes, adding that the company's signature fitness rings “everything matters”.
Jen announced that they had to stop their training to get their kids out of school, but they resumed four hours later.
The two started the round again and Jen cheered her mother on all the time. "Mom, do you ever see me in a commercial while you work out?" Jen asks at one point. "Mmmhmm," Pat replies. "We always comment, 'Well, there's Jennifer." "
Pat also said that her trainer is "always impressed" with the workouts she does, and even said that her arms "don't really" get tired. Finally, Pat explains that her exercise rings are closed.
"Pat Garner! She did it again folks! 241 days! ”Jennifer cheers.
Pat ended the video by saying, “It's this stupid ring. I don't want it not to close. "
Yes, I have to look at that a thousand more times.
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