Watch Marvel’s new ‘Loki’ and ‘Black Widow’ clips that everyone’s talking about

We're on a brief hiatus in the Marvel Cinematic Universe after the The Falcon and the Winter Soldier finale has come and gone, and we've learned how Sam Wilson becomes the new Captain America. The next MCU Adventure to air is Loki, the first episode of which will air on June 9th on Disney +. The pandemic is responsible for that lengthy pause between stories as Black Widow should have been released in May. Marvel postponed the release of Black Widow to July 9th a few months ago because the theaters didn't look certain to open at the time.
While we wait for more MCU content, we've been treated to more Loki and Black Widow footage that Disney and Marvel just premiered during the 2021 MTV Movie Awards.
The 70-second clip of Introducing Agent Mobius below will look familiar to us right away as we see a dialogue that we previously experienced in Loki trailers. This is likely one of the earliest interactions between Agent Mobius (Owen Wilson) and Loki (Todd Hiddleston). The clip shows us the entire scene this time around and it's funny.
Mobius, who knows exactly who Loki is, tries to explain to the Time Variance Authority (TVA) where Loki is currently being held - note the jumper. Loki is skeptical of this authority to manage the timeline, and Hiddleston is just amazing, resorting to the infamous Loki joke that we almost forgot.
As a reminder, this Loki is not "our" Loki. He's not the god of mischief whose bow we've watched since he first attacked planet Earth in Thor, and he's not the Loki who died in the Infinity War on the Asgardian ship in space after trying to save his brother. This Loki has come a long way and we loved every bit of its development. He went from being a villain to being a personable antihero and then became a true avenger. But his death was final. Thanos killed him before snapping his fingers so the Hulk couldn't bring him back.
The Loki we'll see on the series is the Loki who escaped captivity in Endgame after receiving the Tesseract. It happened on a different timeline in 2012, and Loki's actions may have angered the TVA. We'll have to wait for the series to see how Loki connects with the rest of the MCU.
Black widow
Black Widow is the movie we've been waiting for a decade. Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson) began her journey in the films Iron Man, Captain America, and Avengers, but it took Disney 10 years to give the go-ahead for a film that would focus specifically on her. Nat is now dead and the film will explore the character's past and likely introduce the MCU's next Black Widow.
Black Widow is the adventure that MCU Phase 4 should have opened in early May 2020, but the pandemic has derailed those plans. It will still be the first Phase 4 film to be released in theaters, but it will no longer be the first Phase 4 story as that title goes to WandaVision.
The film is sort of an origin story for the hero, although the main action takes place between Civil War and Infinity War. We will see Natasha in Budapest, we will meet her family and we will learn why and how she switched sides and left her Russian past behind.
The new Black Widow clip below shows us brand new footage from the movie, an action-packed scene in which sisters Natasha and Yelena Belova (Florence Pugh) run for their lives in a high-speed car chase. The clip captures part of what we'll see on screen, this sisterhood relationship between the two black widows. It also shows us some of the action scenes we can expect from this MCU spy movie. Pugh is of course expected to continue as the new black widow in future MCU stories.
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