Watch mountain lion turn into ‘kitty cat’ when it discovers a tree swing in Colorado

The fun side of Colorado's wild mountain lions was captured on a wildlife camera when it was suddenly realized that the log they were sleeping under was a tree swing.
This discovery was made when the big cat touched the seat and began to sway.
The video, posted to YouTube on September 6, shows the predator was initially startled and then completely mesmerized by the back-and-forth movement.
Thaddeus Wells captured the video in the first week of September near Black Hawk, a town about 40 miles northwest of Denver. He built the swing hoping to see bear cubs, but got a mountain lion that acted "like a kitten" instead.
"When I saw this reaction to the swing, I laughed and fell in love with it. Who wouldn't?” Wells to McClatchy News.
"You can see her at work. She seems surprised it moved at all, and then surprised to see it swing to the point of hovering over her. She really turns her attention to that for a while. It was edited to remove things like her swing tasting and biting.
The mountain lion had been feeding on a deer prior to the discovery, he said. The swing is near a spring, so the area often attracts wildlife in search of water.
"After four days of feasting, she was chased away by three bears who ... spent the night at the spring devouring the deer's remains," he said.
"I've never seen so much bear poop in one place. They tend to poop wherever they sleep and have slept there for several days.”
Mountain lions — also known as cougars, panthers, and mountain lions — are native to Colorado. Up to 7,000 animals are estimated to roam the state, and males can grow to 150 pounds, according to Colorado Parks and Wildlife.
Wells says the one who played with his swing was young but looked taller due to a swollen jaw. He suspects that the hapless deer may have kicked him in the face.
"It's just a hobby for me. Four years ago, a mountain lion killed a deer in my actual backyard, and then it was devastated by coyotes..." he said. "That prompted me to attach a camera to see what else would happen."
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