Watch Selena Gomez Debut New Helix Piercing During Night Out With Friends

Are you telling us something you don't know? Selena Gomez presents a new ear accessory.

During a night out with friends, the founder of Rare Beauty and her friends decided to stop by and get some piercings after their mission to find a Build-A-Bear at the mall went a little wrong. In a September 14 TikTok video shared by friends GirlPool (rock band members Avery Tucker and Harmony Tividad), Selena briefly showed off her new Helix artwork.

After a buddy joked that she was the only one who got something from the piercing shop, it prompted the singer to reveal her tiniest new little hoop. And of course, fans commented on how impressed they are with the musician's latest beauty decision.

Commenting on her excitement and shock, one fan wrote, "Omg Selena has a piercing." While another highlighted the sweet moments of the evening, adding, "Friends who get piercings together stay together." And another user perhaps best expressed how we all feel about watching the video by writing, "That's all I need in a friend group and more."
The best looks from Selena Gomez
(It is very possible that we will soon try to get our own helix piercing using just this clip).
This wouldn't be the first time this year Selena's fans have become frenzied over a change in her appearance. Back in late April, the singer of "Tell Me Something I Don't Know" really messed things up when she debuted a platinum blonde "Do" - almost four years after she first donned the flashy color.

"New look," she wrote on her Rare Beauty page on April 23, next to a photo of herself taking a mirror selfie. "Must now choose new Rare Beauty lip and blush colors."
Selena Gomez
Although she has since returned to her brunette locks, it's safe to say that she has not yet experimented with her looks.
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