Watch This Viral TikTok Singer Blow Minds In The Most Unexpected Place

Bear Bailey's gas station serenades wowed cashiers, customers, and millions of TikTok users. (Photo: Bear Bailey)
At 33, Bear Bailey thought his dream of becoming a singer was dead. Then TikTok and his local gas station helped bring it back to life.
Bailey has gained more than a million TikTok followers in less than two weeks since he started posting videos from the Super Serve station near his home in Houma, Louisiana. In the viral clips, the cashiers ask for songs and Bailey serenades them at the cash register, causing heartwarming (and often hilarious) reactions from surprised shoppers in the store.
"Bear! I've been waiting for you," yells cashier Melissa McGee, known locally as Mama, in a clip when Bailey walks in and breaks into a cover of John Legend's "All of Me".
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All Of Me by @johnlegendofficial # cover # foryou # foryoupage # tiktok # adayinmylife TikTok muted the sound last time! # viral # letsgo # tag him all!
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Bailey, whose real name is James but left Bear since childhood, told HuffPost that becoming a professional singer was his lifelong dream.
He started posting his work on TikTok in October 2020 and had almost 140,000 followers before the gas station serenades took off. On Wednesday night he had 1.4 million followers.
It all started when McGee's daughters Renee Hayes and Ashley McGee, who also work at Super Serve, asked him for a song.
"They found out that I can sing, you know, just because I live here, and on the days I went in there for a snack or whatever, they said, 'Hey bear, you have to … Sing, you have to sing for me, '”Bailey said.
The first time he did it, the women behind the counter were filming him, and Bailey decided to put the clip online.
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♬ Original sound - Bear Bailey
“It's a very humiliating feeling,” says Bailey, who works full-time as a construction welder. "I've sung my whole life and you know I'm 33 and you just get to an age where you give up on your dream because you think, 'This will never happen." "
"And then that happens and it kind of confirms, hey, I don't have to give up," he continued. "I love what it shows my daughter who is 5 years old, like, Dad didn't stop."
Melissa McGee, who referred to Bailey as "the mother of the neighborhood," said she thinks of Bailey like a son and is thrilled that his videos have been blown up.
"We love him to death," she said. "He has an amazing voice and someone has to sign him."
As for his background hype squad, Bailey said they were mostly strangers, but that he loved their reactions.
"I really walk and people have no idea," he said. "But I mean, now people are literally going there and waiting for me to come in and it's really crazy."
Many TikTok fans have said they love Bailey's tunes and how they bring people together.
"Thanks for this feel-good video. It's nice to see how people like each other. Americans are great, ”commented one person below a video in which Bailey sings Keith Urban's“ Til Summer Comes Around ”.
While most of Bailey's posts are currently covers, the singer said he also writes original music - though his goal for now is to keep doing what he's doing.
"The dream now is to continue to nurture positive vibes to continue creating unity like our community," said Bailey. "And the dream now is to write songs that might help a person or two - out of a bad situation or out of a bad mood or to brighten someone's day."
And that's exactly what he's already doing. In one of his latest videos, he passed it on to McGee and her daughters after receiving donations online.
“You have a big part in it too. I mean, they hold the camera, they talk in the songs and all that stuff, and they really helped so I just wanted to give something back, ”he said.
This article originally appeared on HuffPost and has been updated.

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