‘Watchmen’ Creator Alan Moore Condemns Superhero Movies: ‘They’ve Blighted Cinema and Culture’

Alan Moore, creator of "Watchmen," shared his belief in 2017 that the impact of superhero films on popular culture was "hugely embarrassing" and that the comic book icon remains just as critical of Marvel and DC films three years later. In a new interview with Deadline to promote his feature film "The Show," Moore says he has continued to withdraw from writing comics, in part because "most people now equate comics with superhero films."
"I haven't seen a superhero movie since the first Tim Burton 'Batman' movie. They ruined cinema and, to some extent, ruined culture," said Moore. "A few years ago I said I thought it was a Really worrying sign that hundreds of thousands of adults were lining up to see characters created 50 years ago to entertain 12 year old boys, which seemed to suggest some kind of longing to escape the complexities of the modern world and into a nostalgic one to return remembered childhood. It seemed dangerous, it infantilized the population. "
Moore believes there is a link between the continued popularity of superhero films and current political events, saying, “This may be a coincidence, but in 2016, when the American people voted [Trump] and Britain voted to leave the European Union , there were six of the top 12 grossing films were superhero films. Not to say that one causes the other, but I think they are both symptoms of the same thing - a denial of reality and an urge for simple and sensational solutions. "
When asked by Deadline if he was interested in seeing contemporary superhero films, Moore replied, "Oh god, no, I don't watch any of them. All of these characters were stolen from their original creators, all of them. They have a long line of ghosts behind ... I have no interest in superheroes, they were invented for kids in the late 1930's and are great for kid entertainment, but if you try to make them for the adult world it gets kind of grotesque in my opinion. "
Moore's "The Show" directed by Mitch Jenkins with the breakout of "The Souvenir" Tom Burke is released in the hopes of launching a new movie and / or TV IP for the writer. The feature exists in the same world as several short films Moore has written, and the writer has already created three to five seasons worth of episodes for a TV sequel to The Show. The film was set for an SXSW premiere in March but will debut this month at the Spanish genre festival Sitges.
Visit Deadline's website to read Moore's latest interview in its entirety.
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