Wayne Brady feared for his daughter's life when she accidentally set off the security alarm at his house

Wayne Brady feared for his little daughter's life when they accidentally triggered his home security alarm and armed forces were called to the scene.
While we're talking about being black in America, the "Whose line is it at all?" The 48-year-old star and moderator of Let's Make a Deal reported an incident three or four years ago when his daughter Maile Brady, now 17, accidentally triggered the alarm at his home in Malibu, California. Brady, who was not at home, said he panicked immediately and told her to be afraid that anyone who responded to the alarm call would think she would break in.
"I'm freaking out," Brady told Access Hollywood. "I gave her the code [and] for some reason, she entered it incorrectly. It would not accept it. ... I was so worried that in the heat of the moment my daughter could not explain: "Yes, it is my house."
His advice: “I told her: 'Get out of the house immediately. ... go to your mother's house, which is about half a mile away. Stop arguing with me. [Run] to your mother's house now. "
Wayne Brady and daughter Maile in October. (Photo: Arturo Holmes / Getty Images)
Brady said his own life experience made him react that way.
"Because I had an incident a few years ago when I was living in Sherman Oaks, California," he recalled, "and I triggered my own alarm. ... an armed response team came and I had to prove that this was my house. "
Though he believes that in such a situation someone has to prove that it is his home, he was still "afraid that these people would hurt me if I was outside my own home because it was unprecedented. "
Brady said he knew he could handle it as a grown man, but "I was afraid for my little girl. And I put all that fear on her. "
Brady said his panicked reaction was freaking out at Maile right now. She "screamed and cried" and said, "The cops will kill me." As a result, they "talked" about how statistically black people are treated differently by law enforcement agencies.
"This is the conversation we had to have," he said. "We really had to talk about it."
Now, a few years later, Brady says Maile - whose mother is Brady's ex-wife Mandie Taketa - is the head of her school's Black Student Union.
"She's a little activist," he said proudly, "and knows her story and she can position people."
Still, he's still worried about her and her boyfriend - especially when he's driving - and points to the potential for the police to stop him. Brady is also worried about his 21-year-old nephew.
"Every young black man we send out into the world, man or woman ... we have to equip each other with knowledge because it is only necessary," said Brady.
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