'We are being used': Five veterans quit Kyrsten Sinema's advisory committee

Five military veterans in the Arizona Senate Senator Kyrsten Sinema tabled a resignation letter to the centrist senator on Thursday, criticizing her for not listening to the council or her voters.
The five veterans said they felt they were being "used as a window dressing for [their] image, not to provide advice on what is best for Arizonans," and accused Sinema of making suggestions on "three issues that aid our support" " repeatedly to ignore ". Veterans and Protect the Heart of Our Nation "in a letter read in an ad for the progressive veterans group Common Defense.
"Would you rather answer big donors than the Arizonaers?" Air Force veteran Sylvia Gonzalez Andersh, one of the five signatories, asked, citing Sinema's opposition to the provisions of the Freedom to Vote Act, the Build Back Better Act, and the vote to set up the Commission of the 6th Maverick. "
Andersh said the five veterans who represent a quarter of Sinema's 20-member Veterans Advisory Council felt the senator was ignoring their suggestions.
"Democrats were desperate to help her win the seat and now we feel like what it was for?" she told the New York Times. "Nobody knows what she's thinking because she's not telling anyone. It's very sad to think that someone you worked so hard for to be elected isn't even willing to listen."
Sinema said she was always grateful for the sacrifices made by the Arizona veterans, especially those who have stepped down from their council.
"It is regrettable that obvious differences of opinion on various political issues have led to this decision," Sinema said in a statement to CNN. "I thank them for their service and will continue to work every day to deliver for Arizona's veterans who have sacrificed so much to protect us."
The Arizona Democrat remains adamant about blocking portions of President Joe Biden's agenda, arguing that the government's stance on voting rights, filibuster reform and fiscal policy is too extreme. Her stone walls have sparked the wrath of the left, who have posted advertisements targeting her and her colleague Senator Joe Manchin. The isolation of the West Virginia Democrat within the left-wing party has grown so severe that he is considering registering as an independent, a report he called "cops ***".
Sinema officials did not immediately respond to the Washington examiner's request for comment.
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