"We do not intend to be martyrs": fighter from Azovstal addressing Ukrainians

Aliona Mazurenko - Friday, May 13, 2022 at 11:42 p.m
Defender of Ukraine from the Azov regiment Davyd Khimik urged citizens to continue information work. He has said that Ukrainian fighters are full of courage and hold the line, but they dream of seeing relatives, starting their own families and eating normally.
Source: Davyd Khimik on Telegram
Quote: "While there was no cellphone service, I replayed my entire life in my mind, remembering my childhood, places I've been, different situations that have stuck in my memory. Everything appeared before my eyes like in a movie.”
"I often hear people say that when they leave, they will get married and have children. Probably those are the main plans of all those who haven't had time for it yet.”
"Guys who already have wives and kids cry and smile at the same time when they get a chance to watch a video with their kids."
"It's interesting to observe, these are feelings you can't convey - you feel the flow of life. I've always been a person who sits in the corner and watches everyone from the sidelines."
"We're still full of courage and we're holding the line, we're holding the line of defense for the whole country."
"The enemy tries to capture Azovstal every day, - bombing with aircraft, artillery (with everything they have), but even in the most terrible conditions we fight back, and they, like cowardly dogs, flee from their positions."
"We do not intend to be martyrs, we are also fighting for our lives and waiting for support."
Details: Davyd Khimik also thanked the Ukrainians who are trying to help the defenders with information: “Keep doing what you are doing. Support us with information. Call all over us. You are great."
Quote: "I want my friends to see their children again and smell the scent of their wives."
"And I just want the usual - a sandwich with a large piece of boiled sausage and ryazhenka with dried apricots from 'Prostokvashino'. Everything will be fine, we will definitely be back.”
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The Ministry for the Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine says negotiations are underway to evacuate military personnel from Azovstal, with Turkey, the UN and the ICRC acting as mediators. Severely injured personnel are evacuated as a priority.
Ukraine wants a document to be signed detailing how the evacuation from Azovstal will be handled. Preparations for signing such a document are underway.
The Ukrainian team is currently dealing with only 38 seriously wounded (disabled) fighters. If we succeed in exchanging these 38, "we'll take the next step."
Russian aggressors have ruled out the possibility of taking Ukrainian soldiers from Mariupol to a neutral state by sea. They also said that now that all civilians have left the territory of the Mariupol Azovstal plant, they have a free hand.
Turkey has offered Russia to transfer Ukrainian troops from Mariupol and guarantee that they will not return to the front until the end of the war, but will remain in Turkey.
On May 11, the Deputy Prime Minister announced that the Ukrainian side had offered to exchange the badly wounded Ukrainian soldiers who remained in Azovstal for captured Russian soldiers.
Vereshchuk also stated that it is currently impossible to lift the blockade of Azovstal by military means.

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