We Had No Idea Chris Evans Had This Many Tattoos

To commemorate the last bath of the year, Chris Evans posted an Instagram story by the pool. As the Captain America actor (aka America's Boyfriend) stood shirtless, preparing to step off the edge of the pool and jump back into the water, fans could notice the impressive array of tattoos that covered his bare chest and torso covered. "Since when did Chris Evans have tattoos?" A fan asked in the comments section of a fan account where Evans' story was republished. Good question.
Based on the Twitter and Instagram comment following the actor's original video post, many fans were surprised by his body art. It seems that no one had any idea the size of Evans' tattoo collection.
Now we are all wondering: are these new tattoos or just new to us? We know Evans has shown off some of his tattoos over the past several years. For example, one is actually a matching tattoo with fellow Avengers Scarlett Johansson, Robert Downey Jr., Jeremy Renner and Chris Hemsworth. The fans also quickly noticed the quote from Eckhart Tolle, which was written on Evans' collarbone, which read: “If you lose touch with inner silence, you lose touch with yourself. If you lose touch with yourself, you lose you in the world. "
Though difficult to see in the video, there are at least six tattoos on the actor's chest and stomach alone. There appears to be an eagle on his chest and a bull's head on his shoulder that he could have hidden from for years. Since the tattoos are often covered in his movie roles, they would only have been seen by those who saw the shirtless star in the flesh.
According to page 6, there may be more ink than we can see in this video clip. The outlet reports that Evans also has a tattoo of his mother's zodiac sign on his left upper arm, the word "Loyalty" on his right shoulder, a tattoo on the right side of his ribs dedicated to his late friend Matt Bardsley, and an ankle Tattoo with the initials "SCS" for each of his siblings. He even had a tattoo removed. Early in his career, Evans had a Chinese character on his right arm that he thought translated to "family" but actually said "last name".
Since the quality of the video doesn't allow for high resolution tattoo identification, these are the only ones we know for sure. Maybe if enough fans post about it on social media, Evans will give us a tour of all of his ink. Do it for the people, cap.
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