We Made a Chart That Shows You How Long It Takes To Cook Any Size Turkey

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You have your Thanksgiving cakes prepared, the green bean casserole put together, and your make-ahead sauce is ready to serve. Now it's time to tackle that Thanksgiving turkey. Determining how long to cook a turkey will anchor your entire Thanksgiving timeline. Therefore, it is important to learn exactly when to put this bird in the oven and when to take it out. Quick note: your turkey's temperature is the best way to tell if this is done, not how long it has been in the oven. So invest in a great meat thermometer and finally stop bothering with undercooked poultry.
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Cooking times in Turkey depend on the size of your bird and the temperature at which you cook your turkey. A 12 pound bird cooks faster than a 20 pound monster. This is just one of the reasons why we recommend buying two smaller birds (or cooking a whole turkey and turkey breast) if you are feeding a crowd. The longer the bird stays in the oven, the more likely it is that it will dry out. If you cook a turkey at 325 or 350 ° C, it will take longer to cook than at higher temperatures. The test kitchen agrees that 375 ° C is the best temperature to cook a turkey because it isn't too hot, not too cold, and cooks fast enough to ensure a juicy, flavorful bird is ready by dinner.
When it finally comes turkey day, turn your oven on to 375 ° F and roast the bird using the cooking times on our table. When this is done, a thermometer inserted into the thickest part of the turkey's thigh should read 165 ° F. Cover it loosely with foil and let sit for at least 25 minutes before carving, serving, and enjoying.
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