"We mean business": California governor on gun control

STORY: The move follows the mass shooting in Uvalde, Texas that killed 19 children and two teachers.
“We are serious. We are determined in this fight. We will not give up. We do not give in to cynicism. We're going to change that," Newsom said at a news conference.
Newsom attacked the US federal judges who overturned some of California's toughest gun laws. Last June, federal judge Roger Benitez overturned California's 32-year-old ban on assault weapons, calling it a "failed experiment."
He also slammed Texas Gov. Greg Abbott for saying in a news conference earlier Wednesday that "evil swept over Uvalde yesterday."
“Look at the rhetoric you heard today about evil and mental health, like evil doesn't exist and persists around the world, mental health isn't an issue in every part of the world. What's unique about the United States is this cruelty because of the availability, ease and access to weapons of war, weapons of war that are manufactured," Newsom said.
About 36,000 Americans or more die from gun violence each year, or about 100 a day, according to the Giffords Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence.
The United States leads among high-income countries in gun violence, accounting for 9% of all firearm homicides worldwide, even among 4% of the world's population, while possessing more civilian guns - 393 million - than any comparable nation, the Giffords -Law said center.

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