'We stopped somebody being killed': Black Lives Matter hero protester carried white man to safety

A Black Lives Matter protester who rescued an injured white man in violent clashes in London said he "prevented anyone from being killed."
A photo of Patrick Hutchinson, who carried the man over the weekend at the back, was widely distributed on social media, and many called him a hero.
This was followed by violent clashes between police officers and right-wing demonstrators who claimed to defend statues in central London.
Hutchinson and his friends discovered a clash between the lonely white man and young black protesters on the steps near the Royal Festival Hall in London on Saturday.
He said the man was on the floor and he and his four friends had moved in to prevent him from being trampled on.
Patrick Hutchinson, right, took a white man to safety during Saturday's protests in London. (Reuters)
He told the BBC: "I shoveled him into a firefighter's suitcase and walked him out with the boys around me, protecting and protecting me and protecting this guy from further punishment.
"I didn't think, I just thought of someone on the floor. It wouldn't end well if we didn't intervene.
"We did what we had to do. We prevented someone from being killed."
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Hutchinson carried the injured over the shoulder while the others formed a barrier around him before handing it over to the nearby police.
The white man did not say a word and the group has not spoken to him or seen him since.
Hutchinson, a personal trainer and grandfather, had formed a group with four of his friends to protect young Black Lives Matter demonstrators from violence.
In a separate interview with Channel 4 News, Hutchinson spoke of wanting “equality for all of us”.
He said: "At the moment the scales are unfairly balanced and I just want things to be fair for my children and grandchildren."
A total of 113 people were arrested in London on Saturday after violent clashes between right-wing demonstrators and police.
Twenty-three police officers were injured when several hundred demonstrators, mostly white men, took over areas near the Palace of Westminster and Trafalgar Square and hurled rockets, smoke grenades, glass bottles, and torches at police officers.
Patrick Hutchinson takes a white man to safety in central London protests on Saturday. (Getty Images)
Patrick Hutchinson hands the white man over to the police after taking him to safety. (Getty Images)
Thousands of Black Lives Matter protesters have taken to the streets in the past two weeks after the death of African-American George Floyd by US police.
Another member of Hutchinson's group, Pierre Noah, 47, a bodyguard and martial arts teacher from Croydon, spoke about saving the white man.
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"They wanted to beat him up and stomp on him," he said. "If we hadn't, I wouldn't like to think about what would have happened to the poor guy."
"We wanted to save his life and also save the Black Lives Matter campaign. We were ready to help everyone, no matter what color, it's for the right purpose."
The right-wing extremist protest on Saturday was condemned by Boris Johnson as a "racist fight" and described by the police as "senseless hooliganism".
A 28-year-old was accused of indignant public decency after a photo showed a man urinating on a PC Keith Palmer memorial that was stabbed to death in the 2017 Westminster terrorist attack.
Arrested after Mann appears to urinate next to the Keith Palmer Memorial
A 28-year-old was arrested after photographing a man who apparently urinated next to the memorial dedicated to Pc Keith Palmer, the official who was stabbed to death in the 2017 Westminster terrorist attack.

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