We transferred Medvedchuk from a Ukrainian prison to a larger prison: the Russian Federation Prosecutor General

Prosecutor General Andrii Kostin noted that the testimony of Viktor Medvedchuk - a member of the Ukrainian parliament suspected of high treason - was documented and that he was transferred from a Ukrainian prison to "a big prison called the Russian Federation".
Source: Kostin on Facebook
Quoting Kostin: "In exchange for the life and freedom of our defenders, Ukraine extradited Medvedchuk. The preliminary investigation against him has been completed. Medvedchuk's testimony is documented. We don't release anyone, we transfer them from the Ukrainian prison to a big prison called Russia.
Unlike for a terrorist state, for Ukraine the life of every citizen is the highest value. Ukrainian prisoners of war are subjected to ill-treatment and torture. Or they just get killed. The terrorist attack in Olenivka proved it to the whole world. Therefore, every exchange not only restores freedom, but saves lives."
Details: Kostin noted that 10 foreigners defending Ukraine were among the 215 people released from Russian captivity.
The Prosecutor General emphasized that Ukraine, together with its allies, is working on an "all for all" exchange and the success of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the counteroffensive is increasing the "Exchange Fund" every day.
“We will not let any Russian war crime go unpunished. All #RussianWarCrimes will be investigated and criminals will be punished,” Kostin assured.
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Viktor Medvedchuk
Pro-Russian politician in Ukraine, lawyer and entrepreneur

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