Weekly Horoscope for August 1–7, 2021: The Astrology of 2021 Reaches Climax

The planets are entering a bullfight this week, and your weekly August 1st horoscope is here to guide you through this intense week. As the planets mock and incite one another, our lives will be permeated with challenge, confusion, and conflict. This week will be one of the toughest in 2021 as no one will be spared from a stormy universe. Remember: life challenges are here to help us evolve and resolve toxic or outdated patterns, projects, and relationships.
At the beginning of the week, the Sun and Mercury unite in a conjunction in Leo on August 1st. While this usually entails a burst of activity, good humor, and plenty of communication, icy Saturn will be in opposition to our cosmic messenger shining across the sky. This will drain our sense of excitement as dark clouds obscure our minds. Disappointment and melancholy are sure to set in, so it is advisable not to make any business deals now.
Get ready for changes and surprises
August 2nd could be the worst day of 2021 as the Sun in Leo opposes Saturn in Aquarius and activates the Saturn-Uranus Square. Obstacles and roadblocks will appear on our paths. Our energy will be extremely depleted. Our depressive moods from the day before will continue to wrap us in shrouds. Conflict and delay will manifest as a war between fire and ice in the sky.
The only sweet planetary aspect of the week will be on August 3rd, as Venus will trine in Virgo Uranus in Taurus. Exciting surprises could crop up as we long for fun and adventure. This is a good time to change up your routine if possible. Relationships could experience positive changes while singles could get in touch with unique individuals who blow their minds. However, on that same day, Mercury in Leo also squares Uranus in Taurus. On the one hand, this could bring more spontaneity to the day, but it could also bring unsettling news and experiences with it. Soothe your enthusiasm by playing it safe and not jumping too far from the dock.
August 6th also places the Sun in Leo in a square with Uranus in Taurus. This continues the ongoing theme of the year - our collective need for freedom no matter what. At this point, rapid changes are imposed on us - but considering that it is a square, they could ultimately be harmful. Beware of accidents and shocking behavior by other people.
Major transits of the week
8/1 - Sun and Mercury conjunctively in Leo
8/1 - Mercury in Leo faces Saturn in Aquarius
8/2 - Sun in Leo faces Saturn in Aquarius
8/3 - Venus in Virgo trine Uranus in Taurus
8/3 - Mercury in the lion square Uranus in Taurus
8/6 - Sun in Leo Square Uranus in Taurus
Asteroid Ceres in Gemini: Caring for the Higher Spirit
Weekly horoscope August 1st
Your weekly horoscope for August 1st
Mighty Mars is now hissing through your sixth solar house, Aries. You will be very busy at work for the coming weeks. This is also a good time to focus on starting a new fitness or diet program.
Your heart is going to explode like fireworks this week, Taurus. While the powerhouse Mars is heating up the heat in your solar fifth house for the coming weeks, you start a big trend around love, romance, passion and creativity.
With Mars bringing energy to your fourth solar house now, you will see a lot of activity at home, Gemini. Perhaps you are in the middle of a renovation or will soon be moving to a better location.
Prepare to have your mind filled with exciting ideas and messages that you want to share with the world, Cancer. While Mars chases the stars in your solar third house for weeks, you can embark on a milestone writing, speaking, or promoting project.
Your weekly horoscope for August 1st has an important message, Leo: watch out for your money at the start of the week! With Mars heating up the heat in your solar home, you can see your expenses skyrocket!
You will be unstoppable from this week onwards, Virgo. Powerhouse Mars has entered your zodiac sign and filled you with energy, adrenaline and dominance. Let the world bow to you.
If Mars turns the corner to move through your twelfth solar home now, you will likely start work on an important behind the scenes project, Libra. You will be busy developing ideas and developing action plans.
Mighty Mars ignites your eleventh house of the sun, Scorpio. This shows that you will be very busy with friends and events in the weeks to come. Let go and have fun!
Your career shines like lightning in the sky, Sagittarius. Mars is now orbiting within your tenth solar home, which shows that you will be very busy at work to start your greatest ambitions.
If Mars rotates in a different earth sign now, you will feel an ease enter your whole life, Capricorn. You can steer faster towards whatever goal you focus on.
When Mars stirs the pot in your solar eighth house, you will feel a deep need for intimacy, Aquarius. In the coming weeks, you will evaluate the give and take in all of your important relationships.
Mars is facing you in the sky now, Pisces. This trend will keep you focused on relationships intensely as it energizes your solar seventh house. Make plans as a team and master whatever you have on your mind.

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