Weird Al Reunited With His 9th Grade Crush, and She Still Has the Portrait He Drew of Her at Age 12

In a rare touching moment after 2020, "Weird Al" Yankovic reconnected with his crush in elementary school after nearly 50 years - and she still has the portrait he gave her when she sat behind him in ninth grade .
The parody singer told the story of how all those years later he found his long-lost curse on Twitter, which brought him a rare moment of joy in a year that was otherwise "pretty stupid".
“I was 12 years old in 9th grade - younger than my classmates and (as you might guess) pretty clumsy, shy, and nerdy. And I had a crush on Patrice Y., the girl who sat right in front of me in math class (because for some reason the seats were all in alphabetical order). Of course, in a million years, Patrice would never have known I had a crush on her because as I explained ... painfully shy. But one day I decided to take my big step - I decided to draw a picture of her and present it to her, ”Yankovic said in a Facebook post on Tuesday.
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But Yankovic didn't want Patrice to know he liked her, so he decided to draw a portrait of every other person in her class as well, "just to keep them off the smell". Smooth.
"Everyone seemed to like her drawings, and as you might have predicted, my love life was dormant for years to come," he continued. Okay, fast forward almost half a century later ... I check my twitter feed and see a woman there talking about sitting in front of me during 9th grade math class. "
This is where the story gets interesting - Yankovic visited her on Twitter to see if it was really the Patrice she remembered.
“It was her - my 9th grade crush. Then I followed and asked, "Hey, do you happen to remember that I once drew pictures of everyone in class?" A minute later she sent me this photo. She had saved it all these years, ”he wrote.
"I just wanted to tell this story because ... well ... 2020 was probably a pretty stupid year overall, but there were some real moments of joy here and there - and for me this was definitely one of them."
See the very good portrait below. Seriously, "Weird" Al was really good at drawing.
'Weird' Al Yankovic's good childhood drawing
"Weird" Al Yankovic on Facebook
Read the original story Weird Al Reunited With His 9th Grade Crush, and she still has the portrait he drew of her at TheWrap when he was 12 years old

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