Wendy Williams wants a sit-down with replacement Sherri Shepherd

Wendy Williams wants to meet Sherri Shepherd.
Williams' medical struggles and financial struggles derailed this season of her eponymous talk show, leading to the Wendy Williams Show being canceled and Shepherd replacing her on a new show, Sherri, this fall. There has been a back-and-forth between the women since then, and now Williams is publicly urging Shepherd to sort it out in person.
Wendy Williams wants to speak to her successor, Sherri Shepherd. (Photos: Getty Images)
"I would love the opportunity to actually talk to Sherri and sit down and meet," Williams tells Yahoo Entertainment.
Her attorney, LaShawn Thomas, adds: "The request from Wendy to sit down with Sherri to meet is the perfect solution as she has no ill intentions or intentions. Wendy is getting ready to get her show going again."
However, Williams' publicist, Shawn Zanotti, called Shepherd for health-shaming the Wendy Williams Show host.
"Personally, I find it difficult to wish a person well for what Sherri did during a weekend Instagram Live while at the same time trying to shame them on health issues, especially since Wendy was the one who created multiple platforms that gave Sherri." multiple possibilities," says Zanotti. "Wendy is an icon and should be respected as such."
As for Williams' health, she's doing "amazing," Zanotti adds. She "gets tons of support" from family, friends, her team, and her "co-hosts" (her nickname to her fans) and works "on projects."
Williams' battle with Graves' disease initially kept her from returning to her show that season. Various restaurateurs filled in. Shepherd was one of them and The View graduate brought in solid reviews. In February it was announced that Williams' show would be canceled and Shepherd would take over the star's slot with her own show, which will be produced by Williams' production team and aired on Fox.
Alongside Williams' health woes, a second drama has been unfolding — and it's a fight with Wells Fargo for her money. Earlier in the year, when Williams fired some of her team members, her wealth advisor, Lori Schiller, claimed in court filings that Williams was "insane" and needed guardianship. Williams - who makes about $15 million a year - has since struggled with the bank for access to her money. Williams, who has said she is physically fine now, said she will be ready to return to television after the drama with her finances is sorted out.
Williams opened up about her ailments in an interview with Fat Joe over the weekend. In addition to opening up about her money issues — she claimed she only has $2 to her name — she also opened up about Shepherd's new show, saying she wouldn't be watching it, explaining, "I like her, but... I know what she's going to do and that's really not my thing."
Shepherd then responded during an Instagram Live, saying it was okay with her that Williams wouldn't be watching. Despite admitting they don't know each other, she said, "[Wendy] isn't good," and I'm really, really worried about her because I don't feel like anyone over there is protecting her. And it's really hard when there's no protection around you and you only have people holding on to you.
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