WeWork's infamous private jet is still for sale 9 months later — with a new discounted price of $49.9 million

WeWork WeJet jet aircraft for sale
WeWork puts its $ 60 million jet on sale in 2019 after the company's failed IPO.
The luxurious Gulfstream G650 is now available online for $ 49.9 million - a 16% discount.
The plane was a particularly outstanding example of the company's exorbitant expenditure, employees said at the time to Business Insider.
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WeWork finds no buyers for its luxury private jet 9 months after deciding to put it up for sale.
The 2018 Gulfstream G650 - one of the most opulent and expensive models in the world - is now being advertised at a "reduced price" of $ 49.9 million on a used aircraft site with only 414 total flight hours and 131 landings.
The jet played a role in WeWork's failed IPO in 2019. Sources reported business insiders at the time that employees were upset about the optics of spending $ 60 million on a jet for a money-losing company. CEO Adam Neumann is said to have held meetings in the jet since he was rarely in the office.
"I know of cases where people boarded the plane, flew across the country and flew home commercially," said one employee at the time.
In a particularly striking incident, the Wall Street Journal reported that Neumann and his friends smoked marijuana on a plane on their way to Israel. The flight crew was annoyed that they had hidden a "considerable piece" for the return trip.
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Sales of private jets, such as those for commercial aircraft, have dropped amid the coronavirus-borne flood of travel, but industry insiders say the market will recover quickly, which could be good news for the We Company who plans to outsource the aircraft.
66% of the members surveyed by the International Aircraft Dealers Association in May were optimistic about the used market after the pandemic, with most expecting a slight decline in used prices such as the WeWork jet.
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