What China's Big Tech CEOs propose at the annual parliament meeting

The annual sessions of the Chinese parliament and its advisory body are held in Beijing this week. The thousands of delegates who are in attendance and share their views include top executives from some of China's largest technology companies. Here's what tech bosses are proposing for China's digital economy.
Pony Ma
Greater government scrutiny is needed for the country's burgeoning Internet economy, according to a report by the state-backed People's Posts and Telecommunications News, Tencent founder and CEO Pony Ma says in one of his proposals. As a delegate to the National People's Congress, Ma has tabled more than 50 proposals during parliamentary sessions for nine consecutive years, the report said.
In particular, Ma calls for strict governance with regard to peer-to-peer finance, bike sharing, long-term rental of apartments and online buying of grocery groups.
Ma's comment comes at a time when regulators are getting a tight grip on the country's tech giants. In the past few months, the government has been investigating Alibaba and other technology firms for anti-competitive practices and proposing a comprehensive data law that will restrict platforms from collecting user information.
China's e-commerce titan Alibaba struck with an antitrust investigation
Lei Jun
In China's grand plan to improve the manufacturing value chain, Xiaomi, which makes smartphones and a variety of other hardware devices, was keen to help factories upgrade.
Lei Jun, CEO of Xiaomi, a delegate of the NPC, acknowledges that China is late in adopting smart manufacturing, lacks in-house innovations and relies too heavily on foreign technologies, he says in his proposal. Research and development efforts should be focused on key components like state-of-the-art sensors and precision reducers for factory robots, he says.
According to Lei, China also lacks the talent to drive factory innovation. Therefore, government policy should help companies attract foreign talent and foster collaboration between industry and academia.
Robin Li
Baidu, China's largest search engine service, has invested heavily in smart driving technology as part of its hub for artificial intelligence. Regulation is a major hurdle for autonomous driving companies like Baidu, which need large amounts of data to train algorithms, and the rate at which test permits are issued varies widely from region to region.
Robin Li, CEO of Baidu and a member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, urges regulators to be more innovative and pave the way for legal and scale commercialization of autonomous driving. A mechanism should be created for various government agencies, industry players and universities to jointly promote the commercial use of autonomous driving.
Li also calls for more senior-friendly technologies, better public access to government data, and better online protection for underage users in China.
The head of the Chinese gaming titan NetEase is calling for parental leave
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