'What didn't you do to bury me?': Duchess of Sussex signs off final podcast with pointed quote

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The Duchess of Sussex invited Trevor Noah, Andy Cohen and Judd Appatow to star in the final episode of the series
"What didn't you do to bury me?" asked the Duchess of Sussex as she ended the final episode of her podcast series with a snarky quote.
She ended the twelfth episode of her Spotify podcast Archetypes by reading Greek poet Dinos Christianopoulos' quote: "What have you not done to bury me? But you forgot I was a seed.”
That concludes her series, in which she's interviewed dozens of guests about the archetypes — or "limiting beliefs" — of women and says she's "learned so much about them and also about myself."
The Duchess closed the episode by saying: "I feel seen, I never thought that using my voice would make me feel seen, but I do.
"Many moons ago I heard a quote that I'm going to share with you today, because as we talk about labels, tropes, and boxes that some try to box you into, and roles and stereotypes that are ascribed to you and that aren't quite match the person you are, this [quote] is what I wanted to leave you with.”
She added: "Up to this point my friend, keep growing and see you on the other side. As always, I'm Meghan."
Meanwhile, she also revealed that Prince Harry had advised her husbands to appear on the final episode of the Archetypes podcast to "broaden the conversation" about gender.
So far, her Spotify podcast has only featured interviews with women, which she says was "on purpose" so women could "be heard and understood."
However, she admitted that "at the suggestion of my husband," the conversation and effort needed to "actively involve men" in challenging women's "etiquettes, tropes, and limiting beliefs."
Meghan invited Trevor Noah, Andy Cohen and Judd Appatow to star in the final episode of the series, calling them "thoughtful men" behind "some of the most successful films and TV shows".
She said: "Up until now, apart from a brief visit from my husband in the first episode, this show has featured exclusively female voices - and that's on purpose.
"It's important to us that women have space to share their authentic, intricate, complex and dynamic experiences... But through that process it also occurred to me, and frankly at the suggestion of my husband, that if you really want to change how We're thinking about gender...that we need to expand the conversation and actively include men in that conversation and certainly in that effort.”
The Duchess added that to address the archetypes — or "limiting beliefs" — she's discussed on the series, she "needs to be more than just talking to women."
"I thought for this last episode it wouldn't be interesting to sit with some men and hear their thoughts and see what they think of Archetypes."
Speaking to Andy Cohen, American TV host and executive producer of Bravo's late-night talk show Watch What Happens Live, the Duchess revealed she asked to be on his show while filming Suits , but was rejected.
"I was such a huge fan and ... I was so excited to be on your show because I was such a [true] Housewives fan at the time, and I just couldn't be booked, Andy. So thank you for being here with me,” she told him.
Cohen responded that he "had this feeling," saying, "Oh my god, if it turns out that Meghan Markle actually expressed an interest in being on Watch What Happens Live - that's now the biggest mistake in the 13- year's show."
She then said she "didn't want to embarrass him" by bringing up the incident, but "found it fun to remember how things were."
"Although I couldn't sit down on the couch at the time to talk to Andy on his late-night show, I was well aware of his other big creation. The Real Housewives franchise," she added.
Cohen asked, "The million dollar question is, are you still watching the housewives?"
The Duchess said she "stopped seeing the housewives when my life had its own drama that I no longer crave [other peoples]".
Meghan, Duchess of Sussex
American actress

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