What Does Prince George Call Queen Elizabeth? His Nickname for Her Is Totally Precious

As for the royal protocol, there is a relationship where the rules don't apply: the one between Prince George and his great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth.
On the occasion of the Queen's 90th birthday in 2016, Kate Middleton informed Hello Magazine that the then two and a half year old had an informal nickname for the royal matriarch: Gan-Gan. (So ​​cute!)
Reminder: Prince William also had a unique nickname for his grandmother when he was Prince George's age. According to Daily Mail columnist Richard Kay, he referred to her as "Gary". (As the Queen herself explained at the time, it was apparently Prince Williams' best attempt to say "grandma" at a young age.)
Kate also revealed one of the ways that Queen Elizabeth goes the extra mile to make her relationship with her great-grandchildren (including Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis) special: “She always leaves a small gift or something in her room when we do go and stay and that only shows their love for their family. "
Oh, grandmothers, um, gan goose are the best, right?
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