What Does Your Poop Tell You About Your Body & Your Health?

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Gut health doesn't have to be a stigmatized puzzle surrounded by an uncomfortable laugh. Our gut has its own way of communicating with us and they can tell you whether everything is OK or not so well with the rest of our body. No matter whether it is about your diet, your current training or your mental health, your poop is a good indicator of your well-being.
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Does your feces tell you that your immune system is switched off? More than 60 percent of your immune system comes from your gut. Even our moods can be determined by our gut health - because serotonin receptor sites are mainly in the gut. A healthy gut can even help you sleep better.
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In general, adults should experience at least one well-shaped bowel movement per day. "Well formed" means firm, but not rock hard. If you see something else, your feces may tell you something. If you notice changes in your usual gut routine, be sure to discuss this with your doctor. But here are a few different poop shapes / situations and what you'd like to eat to improve them:
Rabbit pellets
If your bowel movements resemble small pieces rather than three to four inch cylinders, this may indicate that your protein-to-fiber ratio is incorrect and your body is having difficulty processing the absorbed protein, something I sometimes see in customers who are low carbohydrate dieters.
Feed your intestines: Try eating high-fiber products like celery, cucumber, kale, spinach, and apples. Pellet-like bowel movements can also indicate that you are not hydrating well. The goal is to drink half of your body weight in ounces every day. That would be 75 ounces for a £ 150 person. Also try eating pectin-rich foods like apples, grapefruit, and chia seeds.
Thin and silky
Long, thin, soft stools may indicate that your mucous membrane (the membranes that line your intestines) may be swollen or irritated.
Feed your intestines: gluten-free psyllium, slippery elment tea, cauliflower and jicama have a calming effect on the mucous membrane. Intestinal parasites can also cause the membranes to swell. Try eating pumpkin seeds that have natural anti-parasitic properties. (Of course, if your condition does not improve, contact your doctor.)
Poop, which has a green hue, can indicate an imbalance in the bile. Bile consists of many substances, including lecithin. This green color can mean that your lecithin balance is out of order.
Feed your gut: In this case, try foods and supplements that support the gallbladder, such as sunflower lecithin and milk thistle tea. Foods that support the gallbladder include cold water fish (such as salmon and trout), avocado, sweet potatoes, green beans, tomatoes, berries, and onions.
Float or circuit boards?
Stools should sink in the toilet. When they swim, this can indicate an imbalance in the digestive juices.
Feed your intestines: Include plenty of herbs and spices in your meals, such as parsley, oregano, and cayenne pepper, which can help digestion. Floaters can also indicate wheat intolerance or celiac disease. Floaters can also indicate an imbalance in blood sugar. So make sure you have a constant protein flow throughout the day. Be sure to eat three meals and two healthy snacks a day.
Would you like to track your Poo communication even better and keep up to date with changes? You may try to keep a diary - if you like - about your bowel movements (we know, but it doesn't have to feel disgusting) to have a record you can look back on.
And if you want to work on how your body poops, squatting is a natural position for good movement. Accessories that help your pooping posture don't have to be a thorn in your bathroom - toilet stools - like Squatty Potties (which are available in a number of design-friendly options) - can also help perfect your pooping position.
Squatty potty toilet stool
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