What it's really like in a $642-a-night inside stateroom on the smallest Disney Cruise

We stayed in the deluxe inside cabin for three nights. Jill Robbins
My family of avid cruise-goers booked the cheapest inside stateroom on the Disney Magic.
We were upgraded from a standard to a deluxe room for free, but we still had no windows.
We have always booked rooms with a balcony or veranda but will book interior rooms to save.
On our recent three-day cruise aboard the Disney Magic, my family of four booked a standard inside cabin for $2,570 (or $642 per night).
We got a free upgrade to a deluxe inside cabin, and the base cost included food and activities, including a day at Disney's private island, Castaway Cay.
Here is a look into our room.
We booked one of the cheaper cabins on the Disney Magic
We stayed in a cabin that did not have a water view. Jill Robbins
Inside cabins have no windows and usually share three walls with other rooms.
I have been on a total of nine cruises and this most recent trip on Disney Magic was only the second time I have booked an inside cabin. This was also our 5th cruise with our children and it was the first time they stayed in a cabin without a balcony.
My father, who is also an avid cruise-goer, told me he had never afforded a balcony stateroom, so I decided to see if he was into anything. Spoilers: That's him.
We opted for this trip as cheaply as possible and booked the cheapest cabin for four people.
A few days before the cruise we were automatically upgraded from a standard inside cabin to a deluxe inside cabin. We didn't request it, but we appreciated the extra 30 square meters of space.
For a three-night cruise, the total fare difference between bookings is approximately $47.
The bathroom had a separate area for the toilet. Jill Robbins
The most notable upgrade was the bathroom. A standard inside cabin has a single bathroom with sink, toilet and shower. A deluxe inside cabin has a shared bathroom with a separate area for a sink and toilet.
The shower was stocked with products.Jill Robbins
The second area comes in handy when someone needs to go to the bathroom while someone else is showering or getting ready.
Our quarters were tight, but there was enough space for 4 people
We were upgraded to a deluxe inside cabin. Jill Robbins
Cruise ship cabins are smaller than a typical hotel room. Even if you book a more expensive option, you don't get a lot of space.
As part of the nightly turndown service, the cabin steward turned our couch into bunk beds for our kids each night.
We could have some privacy from our kids. Jill Robbins
Our room had a curtain separating the queen bed from the couch area. It didn't offer much privacy but my kids wanted the bathroom light on so the curtains helped keep that off our bed.
Additional amenities included a 22-inch TV and a mini-fridge.
We found plenty of room to store our stuff.Jill Robbins
The storage space was sufficient.
We had a closet, a few drawers, a dresser with shelves, and a desk with a few drawers. There were also drawers on either side of the bed and storage under the bench.
There is enough space under the queen-size bed to stow your suitcases.
We're fairly light packers and had three small pockets and a slightly larger pocket, but if you have more you might find storage more difficult.
I took travel size products on the cruise.Jill Robbins
There isn't much counter space in the bathroom, but it was adequate. I have the most toiletries of anyone in our family, so I didn't have to compete for counter space. But I was glad I brought travel size products.
The bathroom was also stocked with hand soap, body lotion, shampoo, conditioner and shower gel.
I don't think we needed a coffee table in our room. Jill Robbins
The only parts of the cabin that felt really cramped were the side of the queen bed closest to the wall and the space between the bed and the dresser.
And aside from being a good spot for our breakfast tray, I thought the coffee table was a waste of space.
We have always booked balcony or veranda rooms but will likely continue to book interior rooms on future cruises
We enjoyed our stay in the inside cabin.Jill Robbins
A travel agent once told us that we absolutely had to book a cabin with an ocean view. It didn't take much to convince us to allow ourselves the ocean breeze and a private balcony, but we spent almost no time in the room during the cruise.
We put the numbers together and found that we could save nearly $1,000 on a three-night cruise by booking an inside cabin.
I was expecting to feel cramped and missing natural light, but I liked the darkness and had the best sleep I've had in a long time. Also, my kids didn't even comment on the lack of a porch.
I'm not saying I'll never book another verandah room again, but I can easily see myself booking in cabins on future cruises. Our overall experience was just as good and I enjoyed the savings.
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