What Packers are saying about facing Titans in Week 16

Week 16 between the Tennessee Titans and the Green Bay Packers will feature two of the best offenses in the NFL as the former is number 1 in the rankings while the latter is number 3.
The Titan's defense will be tasked with facing a future Hall of Fame quarterback and potential 2020 MVP in Aaron Rodgers, as well as running back and wide receiver stars in Aaron Jones and Davante Adams.
Green Bay's defense doesn't have it easier, however, as they rely on quarterback Ryan Tannehill and the Titans' formidable 2-1 strike at wide receivers in A.J. Brown and Corey Davis and, last but not least, the retreating superstar and current rushing leader Derrick Henry.
Henry in particular has been a big talking point among Green Bay coaches this week, and he will be priority # 1 on defense.
Here's a look at what the Packers had to say about Henry and other subjects ahead of the Sunday night showdown at Lambeau Field.
HC Matt LaFleur on the challenge of the titans' offense
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports
Courtesy of Titans247:
"He (Henry) prepares everything because you have to play the run," explained LaFleur. "They'll stay constant and hit you in the ground. When you start stepping up and trying to take the barrel away, you're throwing the ball over your head. Stopping it will be an enormous challenge for our defenses."
LaFleur on Titans OC Arthur Smith and the offense
George Walker IV / The Tennessean via USA TODAY NETWORK
According to Packers.com's Wes Hodkiewicz:
"He started this offense," said LaFleur. "It's not just an honor for the players there, but also for the rest of these coaches. I can't tell you enough how big the challenge will be for us. It'll be a great benchmark for seeing where we are . " I'm at it right now. "
LaFleur on what he learned under Mike Vrabel
(AP Photo / James Kenney)
Per Turron Davenport from ESPN:
"He held everyone accountable whether you are the best player or the last man on the squad," said LaFleur. "That goes for the coaches too. He was never afraid to call it that. You always respect that. He knows he had a vision and everyone knew where they stood with him. He did a great job communicating and to lead. " I am grateful that I had the time to learn from him. "
DC Mike Pettine on the offense of the titans
(AP Photo / Mike Roemer, File)
About Wes Hodkiewicz & Mike Spofford from Packers.com:
"That's what makes it so difficult to defend this offense. They see it as one-dimensional and it really isn't. Because it starts with the run and then the run opens everything. The game pass, part of the wide - open Looks they could get - that's only in credit for how well they play football. If you're not locked up and flying downhill and reacting to those running looks, you'll run injured in the air game. "
ILB's coach Kirk Olivadotti on the attack on Derrick Henry
(AP photo)
From Wes Hodkiewicz & Mike Spofford of Packers.com:
"We have a tackle plan every week for the running backs we talked about, the best ways to tackle them, and sometimes they are ugly tackles no matter who you tackle. The biggest thing is be efficient at the game and then when you get there to learn the basics of a one-on-one, try to get your pads under their pads, bring your arms, wrap your feet, step on your toes, all the things we about talk week. If you try to test Derrick Henry a little it won't go well. "
OLB's trainer Mike Smith on Henry's defense
(Photo by Frederick Breedon / Getty Images)
Courtesy of Wes Hodkiewicz & Mike Spofford of Packers.com:
"Obviously he's a big back, but he's also a jump runner and you don't realize how fast he is. He's tall and he's going to be a straight downhill guy so you have to be disciplined with your eyes. We have to do that Hold the edge and don't declare until the back is declared inside and if you peek and don't have your eyes or hips outside it will hurt you. "
DL trainer Jerry Montgomery on comparing the running plans of titans and packers
(AP Photo / Wade Payne)
Per Wes Hodkiewicz & Mike Spofford from Packers.com:
"Very similar to what we do. The foundation is very, very, very tight. Ultimately, everyone has their own little niche. These guys are really good, their big backs, perimeter runs that narrow down. If you don't. " Put the edge, it will ricochet. They get you to move sideways and then they run downhill towards you. And then they put your corners in positions to have to play on a bigger back. Guys have to do a great job to believe in what they see. Other than that, they do a great job in their action game, looking identical to their first and second down run game. Guys need to be selected and more focused than ever before. If we can, if the little things are basically right, we have a chance. "
DL Kenny Clark on the importance of titans to Packers
Mark Hoffman / Milwaukee Journal S via Imagn Content Services, LLC
About ESPN's Rob Demovsky:
"It will show us where we are as a team and where we are as a team (on our way to the playoffs)."
Vols Wire: UT coverage from the USA TODAY Network
RB Aaron Jones on Henry
(Photo by Sean M. Haffey / Getty Images)
About Ryan Wood from PackersNews.com:
"I think the world of Derrick Henry," said Jones. "He's a great back. He does a lot of great things for his team and he brings out the overall value of the position. Thanks to Derrick Henry for helping everyone out there. He's a great player."

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