What the Twins From "The Shining" Look Like Today

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Warner Bros.
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Photo credit: Courtesy of Warner Bros.
There was a lot to fear in The Shining, but the frightening image that burns in our brains forever shows the Grady sisters holding hands and staring eerily down a hallway. Ordinarily, two identical little girls in frilly dresses, curls in their hair and ribbons around their waiting times would be considered adorable, but in this case it was insanely creepy.
On the plus side, the real twins the sisters played when they were little girls aren't scary at all! Meet Louise and Lisa Burns:
Forty years later (that's right, The Shining came out in 1980!) The twins are still difficult to tell apart, but they no longer play - the Huffington Post reported in 2014 that Lisa was studying literature while Louise is now a microbiologist.
On the shared Burns Twitter account, they occasionally share some memorabilia from The Shining, the cutest of which is the picture of the couple smiling on set - and not looking scary at all!
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