What to Know About Katherine Williams-Dunning, the Daughter of Hank Williams Jr. Who Was Killed

The death of Katherine Williams-Dunning, the 27-year-old daughter of singer-songwriter Hank Williams Jr., is felt across the community and beyond.
Williams-Dunning died in a car accident in Tennessee on Saturday evening. She drove an SUV that was towing a boat at the time of the crash as it crossed and overrun the freeway mean before it came to a standstill at around 7:45 p.m., a Tennessee Highway Patrol spokesman told PEOPLE.
She was killed in the accident while her husband Tyler Dunning, 29, was flown to a nearby hospital.
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"This is an active investigation and further details will be made available later," said a spokesman for the Tennessee Highway Patrol, according to The Paris Post-Intelligencer.
Here's what you should know about Williams-Dunning and the legacy it leaves behind.
She was Williams Jr.'s youngest daughter
Together with Williams-Dunning, Williams Jr., 71, son Samuel, 23, shares with wife Mary Jane Thomas. He also has three other children from previous marriages: the daughters Hilary (41) and Holly (39) and the son Hank Williams III (47).
In honor of her "precious little sister," Holly shared a family photo on Instagram, adding in the headline that Tyler was "awake and responding."
"I have no words. On Friday morning I persuaded the family to take this picture and had no idea that it would be our last one with my precious little sister Katie," she wrote. "We all went to the funeral of my great aunts on Thursday, whom we all loved very much, and are now facing another."
"All we need is prayers. My father. My little brother. Katie's husband (he's awake and responsive and doesn't yet know how badly he is hurt). My niece and nephew. Your mom. The Dunning family. We all "So. A lot of prayers. Jesus is near. Thank you all?" She added.
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Katherine Williams-Dunning / Instagram Hank Williams Jr. and Katherine Williams-Dunning
Hilary shared her own post in her Instagram story and wrote, "My lovely little sister Katie. I will always love and miss you. I will see you again one day beyond the blue."
Samuel was the first to post the news of her accident in a message on his Facebook page that is now private.
“My sister and brother-in-law had a terrible accident. Please pray so hard for them! Katie Williams and Tyler Dunning, ”wrote Sam.
She was a self-described "Daddy's Girl"
For Williams Jr.'s 71st birthday on May 26, Williams-Dunning paid tribute to him on Instagram.
"A step back to show you that I was always a papa girl!" She took an old photo of her and her father. "Congratulations to my Daddio, my hero! The lessons you have taught me in this life are by far some of the most valuable gifts I will ever receive! I hope you had the best day! ❤️"
She was a woman and mother
Williams-Dunning and Tyler made a living bond on October 15, 2015 after seven years of dating. They share two children, son Beau Weston (5) and daughter Audrey Jane (2).
She has often posted photos of her children and husband on social media, and most recently shared photos taken during a family trip to a Florida beach in May.
"These days are wild with a 2 and 5 year old!" Williams-Dunning took the funny shots on Instagram. "In January of this year I decided to be present and more peaceful in all areas of life. These children will not pose for a picture, but as long as they have fun and feel loved by mom and dad, we are certainly halfway there doing this educational thing correct! "
On social media, she was also open to her trip to motherhood. In 2017, she shared an Instagram post about how she once thought she could never get pregnant "due to endometriosis" and about four operations she had to do on her left ovary.
"The feeling of being a woman and thinking that you can't give birth to children is an unbearable feeling," she wrote. "Endometriosis affects 1 in 3 women, rather it's immense pain or infertility, it's a terrible diagnosis in itself. As women, we have to be kind to each other and support each other."
"This morning when I was pumping for my little hallelujah, I was reading a blog asking if you mothered yourself," she continued. "We have to take care to take care of our little ones and husbands. Motherhood is a journey and finding a balance. Prayers to all the mothers out there who find their balance and to all women who try to become a mother, don't give hope. God is with you. "
She was saying yes to the dress
Williams-Dunning appeared in season 7 of the TLC Bridal Reality series Say Yes to the Dress in 2014 when she was looking for her dress before her wedding to Tyler.
During the episode in which her father also appeared, Williams-Dunning found one.
"She said YES to the DRESS! Katherine, the daughter of Hank Williams Jr. said yes to our 'Fantine' dress and looked absolutely gorgeous on her wedding day! We loved every minute of this episode," wrote wedding dress designer Matthew Christopher on Instagram after the wedding.
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She owned a clothing company
Williams-Dunning ran a clothing company called Weston Jane, which was explained on its website "to build mothers".
However, she admitted that her "mother's debt was out of control" when she founded the company a little over a year ago.
"I felt like when I tried to do this amazing thing for myself and my family that I actually spent less time with them," she wrote. "Then it hit me, that would be my platform to support other mothers. In a world where mothers and women are constantly criticized and demolished, I wanted my business to be a place where they could be built."
She designed all of her Weston Jane items herself and they were all printed by another mother in her West Tennessee city. Everything else for sale on the website was also made by a mother.
"At Weston Jane, our items are either handmade or printed by another mother," she wrote on her website. "Our business is all about mothers who support mothers and women who support women."

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