Where can Dolphins’ 1st-round pick from Texans fall in final order?

The Miami Dolphins only have two weeks to take an active stand against the Houston Texans. This ends a two-year tradition that was born in the Miami blockbuster deal to send OT Laremy Tunsil to Houston in August 2019, Miami will benefit greatly from a year behind Houston. But where could this land pick? And where will it actually be clocked in?
We looked to find out.
The blanket
Don't look now, but that pick could land third in the order in which all is said and done. The Dolphins will be the world's biggest Cincinnati Bengals fans this coming weekend when the Texans battle Cincinnati. The Bengals shocked Pittsburgh at 10 o'clock in week 15 to complete their best game of the season yet. How do the Dolphins end up with number 3 overall?
A Bengals wins against Houston in week 16
A Texans loss in week 17 to Tennessee
A Carolina win in the past two weeks (@ Washington and against New Orleans)
A hawk wins in the past two weeks (@ Kansas City and @ Tampa Bay)
If these four things happen, the Dolphins will be number 3 in the 2021 NFL Draft.
The floor
As exciting as the ceiling is for this selection, the bottom is a bit terrifying when you consider how many teams are closely linked in the overall standings. Houston's choice could go up to 3rd overall, yes. However, depending on the results of the past two weeks, it could only be 15 in total. Should Miami fans expect this first-round selection to come this late? No, definitely not. Some bizarre results would have to occur for this to happen. Nevertheless, it is mathematically possible.
Expected result
After looking at the remaining games on schedule, we're betting on the Texans to share their last two games with Cincinnati and Tennessee. That will ruin that top 3 overall dream, but it was still something of a pipe dream. In picking all the games left to play this season, we predict that the first Dolphins pick in the 2021 NFL draft will land in 7th place in draft order courtesy of a 5-11 Houston Texans team.

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