Where every major character ended up on season 2 of Amazon's 'The Boys'

Aya Cash, Erin Moriarty and Dominique McElligott in season two, episode five of "The Boys". Amazon Studios
Warning: The second season of Amazon Prime Video's "The Boys" is facing major spoilers.
The second season ended with a breathtaking episode that laid the foundation for the upcoming third season.
Read on to see how the season pushed the acts of Starlight, Homelander, Hughie Campbell, and others forward.
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Stormfront's (Aya Cash) real identity was revealed and she was badly injured by an unexpected character during the finale.
Aya Cash in season two, episode four of "The Boys". Jasper Savage / Amazon Studios
When Stormfront joined The Seven at the beginning of season two, she was viewed as a forward-thinking supe who was building a fan base (Storm Chasers) through Instagram livestreams, memes, and her social media presence.
But at the end of the season, Stormfront's true identity was revealed. Stormfront was born in Berlin in 1919 and was a Nazi who married Frederick Vought, the founder of Vought International and creator of the Compound V serum, which surpasses her powers. Frederick gave Stormfront the first successful injection of V, they fell in love and had a daughter.
Thanks to Compound V, Stormfront has remained timeless while her daughter died of Alzheimer's. When Stormfront told Homelander (Antony Starr) of her true identity, she told him they were in a "war for culture" and Vought's "real fate" was to take back what was theirs, with Homelander being their army Supers headed.
It came to a head during the finale when the boys rescued Ryan (Cameron Crovetti) - the son of Becca (Shantel VanSanten) and Homelander - from the Rochester hut where Homelander kept him.
Shortly thereafter, Annie / Starlight (Erin Moriarty) and Hughie Campbell (Jack Quaid) leaked files on CNN revealing that Stormfront was a Nazi, which led the public to turn them on.
After Butcher and Becca saved Ryan, Stormfront caught up and intervened. Starlight, Kimiko (Karen Fukuhara) and Queen Maeve (Dominique McElligott) teamed up to defeat Stormfront in real "Girls Get It Done" fashion, but it wasn't enough.
Stormfront fled into the woods to stop Butcher (Karl Urban), Becca, and Ryan from getting away. Becca stabbed Stormfront in the eye with a knife, causing the Supe to grab Becca's throat. Ryan - to save his mother - activated his laser eyes and aimed the beams at Stormfront. In the end, he burned Stormfront's face and severed her arms and legs.
Ryan's lasers accidentally hit Becca's throat. She died in Butcher's arms.
Subsequently, Stan Edgar (Giancarlo Esposito) spoke at a press conference and said they believed Stormfront was the "sole culprit" of the attack at the hearing in the seventh episode that blew people's heads off. As a result, they would stop the release of Compound V.
Homelander also said Stormfront was being held in an undisclosed location. He promised that she would be punished and "justice will be served".
In case fans had doubts about Stormfront's fate (since we never saw her die on camera), showrunner Eric Kripke told Entertainment Weekly, "She's not dead. She's just a tree stump."
Metzger eventually became a free man, but he lost Becca forever.
Karl Urban in the second season, episode four of "The Boys". Panagiotis Pantazidis / Amazon Studios
Season two explores the dynamic between Butcher and Becca (Shantel VanSanten), who disappeared eight years earlier after Homelander raped her. At the end of season one, Butcher was shocked to face Becca and learn that she gave birth to a super son named Ryan after she was raped by Homelander.
That season, viewers saw Becca's son strain her relationship with Butcher.
During season two, Butcher suggested that they run away together and start over, but Becca declined because she didn't want to leave her son behind.
Butcher made a deal with Stan during the finale. The agreement was that after Butcher saved Ryan, he would call Vought and they would take the child away and Becca would never see him again. But Butcher didn't follow through.
In Becca's final moments, she reminded Butcher that what happened to her wasn't Ryan's fault and asked him to get the boy to safety, even though Butcher had previously described him as a "superfreak" and "billion dollar piece of Vought Property "had designated.
Grace Mallory (Laila Robins) came to take Ryan and protect him from Vought.
She also told Butcher that all charges against The Boys had been dropped. In addition, the White House opened a super-affairs bureau, unsupported by Congresswoman Victoria Neuman (Claudia Doumit), for a team to keep an eye on the Supers. If Butcher was interested, she could get him a job there.
Metzger then walked away from Mallory with his sunglasses and a clean slate.
Hughie decided to be independent and stand on her own two feet, separate from The Boys.
Erin Moriarty and Jack Quaid in season two, episode four of "The Boys". Jasper Savage / Amazon Studios
Season two featured the tribute that Hughie, who was first introduced as an A / V salesman on the series, had taken as a vigilante.
We also saw Hughie and Starlight reconnect and grow closer together as they worked to take out Vought and bring news to the press about Connection V - and Stormfront's true identity.
At the end of the season, Hughie and Starlight got back together. He also said that he couldn't just stay with people (aka The Boys) just because he was afraid of the unknown.
Hughie then asked Victoria Neuman for a job in her office because he still wants to fight Vought but wants it "to be done right, not so bravely".
However, the finale's cliffhanger shows that Hughie is far from escaping danger and courage.
Starlight was welcomed back to The Seven after being kicked out for disclosing top secret information to the public.
Erin Moriarty in season two, episode three of "The Boys". Panagiotis Pantazidis / Amazon Studios
In season two, Starlight worked closely with The Boys to defeat Vought.
To accomplish her mission, she summoned a darker side of herself. This included blackmailing an old Bible School friend so she could get a Compound V sample, threatening Stormfront, and accidentally killing a man with her power boost because he stood in her way.
During the seventh episode, Homelander publicly called Starlight out when the mole in The Seven and Vought arrested her. With the help of Hughie, Lamplighter (Shawn Ashmore) and Queen Maeve, Starlight escaped custody.
At the press conference during the final, Homelander publicly apologized to Starlight for accusing them of sabotage and conspiracy. He also thanked her and Maeve for "neutralizing" Stormfront.
During the scene, Starlight was also seen in her old costume and headband in place of the bodysuit, indicating that she may have more agency and power to make her own decisions at Vought in the future.
Breast milk was eventually reunited with his daughter.
Laz Alonso in season two, episode five of "The Boys". Jasper Savage / Amazon Studios
Since The Boys became wanted men at the end of the first season, MM's wife and daughter were put under witness protection.
In the second season, fans learned more about MM's motivations for working against Vought. On episode four, MM said his father was a lawyer and that something "bad" had happened between his family and Vought. According to MM, his father went after Vought and in response, the company hired lawyers to pay off judges. Regardless, his father kept fighting until one morning 16 years ago, MM found him dead at the age of 55 and bent over his typewriter.
MM's father's mission to defeat Vought was passed on to him, so he wanted to punish the company for what they had done to his family.
But after all charges against The Boys were dropped in the finals, MM was seen walking into a house to reunite with his daughter. He gave her a penguin stuffed animal, which was a callback to season one.
Fans eventually learned what happened to Frenchie (Tomer Capon) the night Mallory's grandchildren were burned by Lamplighter.
Tomer Capon in season two, episode seven of "The Boys". Amazon Studios
The incident was hinted at in season one, and that season provided many answers about what went wrong.
Eight years ago, Mallory (who previously worked for the CIA) interrogated Frenchie for his involvement in a bank robbery and a number of other crimes he had committed. She said he could end up in prison for at least 20 to 25 years and his friends (Cherie and Jay) could also be sent away for their crimes or he could join her team.
Frenchie decided to participate. A few years later, Mallory directed Frenchie to pursue Lamplighter, who was part of The Seven at the time and worked for them as a mole.
The night that Frenchie Lamplighter followed was the same night that Frenchie's friend Jay overdosed. After hearing the news, he disregarded Mallory's orders to stay with the Supe and hurried to rescue Jay. When Frenchie came back to spy on Lamplighter, he was gone. The supe would kill Mallory's grandchildren.
Meanwhile, Jay was alive, but Frenchie never saw him again and died of another overdose a few months later.
As for the children who were murdered that night, Lamplighter said he wanted to kill Mallory, but didn't know the grandchildren were in bed. When they started screaming and he realized his mistake, it was too late.
Since then, Frenchie has lived with guilt.
Kimiko reconnected with her brother, but their joy was short-lived.
Karen Fukuhara in season two, episode seven of "The Boys". Amazon Studios
In season two, Kimiko met her brother Kenji (Abraham Lim) again after he was smuggled into the country. In a heartfelt moment, Kimiko was communicating with her brother using a special sign language created just for the show.
The siblings talked about being apart, feeling guilty about not looking for each other, and feeling like monsters after injecting Compound V. In another scene they vowed to protect one another.
Unfortunately, in the third episode of Stormfront, Kenji was murdered after she twisted and tore his neck.
After witnessing her brother's murder, Kimiko turned to being a hired assassin. In the seventh episode, Kimiko began teaching Frenchie her sign language so they could communicate with each other.
During the finale, Kimiko and Frenchie left the basement of the pawn shop where the boys lived. In response to Kimiko's question of where they were going next, he said, "Dance," which was a call back to a previous conversation when Frenchie told her, "What's the point of life without dancing?"
Homelander was alone again.
Antony Starr in season two, episode seven of "The Boys". Amazon Studios
During the season one finale, he lost Madelyn Stillwell (Elisabeth Shue) after burning her face crispy with his laser eyes.
In the second season, Homelander struggled to come to terms with her absence. He drank the rest of Madelyn's breast milk from her office refrigerator, forced the super name doppelganger to transform into Madelyn, and then killed doppelgangers.
He also found love with Stormfront, who questioned his role as leader of the Seven.
Additionally, season two showed Homelander trying to embrace paternity and take Ryan under his wing, despite Becca opposed.
At the end of the season, Homelander no longer had a fake version of Madelyn, no Storm Front, and no Ryan after Mallory took him away.
During the finale, he was seen on the roof of the Seven Tower with his pants down, masturbating angrily, telling himself repeatedly that he can do what he wants.
Queen Maeve had the courage to hold her own against Homelander thanks to the restored footage of the unfortunate incident on Flight 37.
Dominique McElligott in the second season of "The Boys". Jasper Savage / Amazon Studios
The second season featured Queen Maeve and Elena's tense relationship (Nicola Correia-Damude), largely due to Homelander.
In the fourth episode, Homelander left Queen Maeve and called her a lesbian (despite being bisexual) during a joint interview with Maria Menounos.
As a result, Vought's marketing team decided to incorporate Queen Maeve's sexuality into their PR strategy. This included a guest appearance on "Queer Eye" using the hashtag "BraveMaeve", the release of Pride products with Queen Maeve's face, and publicity about her relationship with Elena.
Queen Maeve was fed up and decided to take on Homelander.
With the help of The Deep (Chace Crawford) and his friends from the sea, they have restored some GoPro footage from Flight 37, the hijacked plane from the first season that Maeve and Homelander left to save themselves.
During the season two finale, Queen Maeve used the footage showing her and Homelander abandoning the distressed passengers as a lever against him.
She told Homelander to stop fighting Starlight and leave her and Elena alone or she would make the video public. He countered that he would return the favor by destroying "everything and everyone", but Queen Maeve wasn't phased because if Homelander did that everyone would see that he is a "monster" and that he would lose his adored fans would.
Homelander seemed to leave Queen Maeve alone afterwards.
A-Train (Jessie T. Usher) returned to The Seven after helping Hughie and Annie defeat Stormfront.
Jessie T. Usher in season two, episode five of "The Boys". Jasper Savage / Amazon Studios
Because of A-Train's weakened heart, which affected his super-speed ability, the Supe was kicked out of The Seven in season two.
Desperate to get back on board, A-Train joined the Church of the Collective after The Deep told him they would help him. While A-Train was hesitant at first, Alastair Adana (Goran Visnjic), the chairman of the church, convinced him to join.
During the finale, A-Train overheard a conversation between Alastair and Stan Edgar about the possibility of reinstalling A-Train and The Deep as members of The Seven.
Stan said he couldn't promise both A-Train and The Deep spots in the group as it was salvation to let in a washed-up Supe, but two showed weakness. Stan also said that he had to indulge in Stormfront, which had issues with A-Train because it is racist.
Determined to punish Stormfront and oust her from The Seven, A-Train broke into the church archives and stole private information about Stormfront's origins. Then he gave the incriminating files to Hughie and Starlight for press access.
Alastair realized A-Train was taking the files, but he didn't punish the Supe. Instead, he was glad that A-Train had taken the initiative. Also, Stormfront had a messy history with the Church and Vought had to take a firm stand against the Nazis.
At the end of the second season, A-Train was back in The Seven.
The Deep joined a cult that promised him he could earn his way back to the Seven, but his best efforts were unsuccessful.
Chace Crawford in season two, episode eight of "The Boys". Amazon Studios
This season featured The Deep down in Sandusky, Ohio and turned to extreme measures to get back to The Seven.
He was introduced to the Church of the Collective through Eagle the Archer (Langston Kerman). Eagle and Carol Mannheim (Jessica Hecht) from the church promised him that if he followed their teachings he could grab his old job.
The Deep was able to face his insecurities - and the fact that they came from people making fun of his gills - after Eagle gave him a psychedelic mushroom tea in the second episode.
Later in the season, The Deep had to marry a church girl named Cassandra (Katy Breier) because he was told that doing so would help rehabilitate his image and get him back into seven.
Despite The Deep's attempts to clean up its reputation, it wasn't enough. There was only one free seat in The Seven, and A-Train had proven itself more worthy by taking over the Stormfront files.
Since The Deep signed his bank account with Alistair and married "a madman" whom he doesn't actually love, it is unclear where the embarrassed Supe can go from here.
Black Noir's (Nathan Mitchell) surprising weakness was exposed: a pine nut allergy.
Nathan Mitchell plays Black Noir in "The Boys". Amazon Studios
Earlier this season, Black Noir was sent on a mission to kill a super terrorist named Naquib in Syria.
Later, during the seventh episode, Black Noir intercepted Starlight after escaping from her cell in Vought. He began to drag her and toss her through the conference room of the Seven and was interrupted by Queen Maeve, who put the almond delight into his mouth, which caused his allergy. The moment was actually inspired by Black Noir actor Nathan Mitchell's real-life allergy.
During the finale, Stormfront announced to Homelander that Black Noir was "unresponsive" and likely did not receive any brain damage from the attack.
Congresswoman Victoria Neuman (Claudia Doumit) was exposed in a major conspiracy and as a cliffhanger as the supe behind all the mysterious head explosions.
Claudia Doumit in season two, episode eight of "The Boys". Amazon Studios
The explosions began early in season two when the head of CIA Assistant Director Susan Raynor (Jennifer Esposito) seconds after telling The Boys that she believed there was a coup inside Vought.
During the Vought and Compound V hearing, the Chief of Staff exploded just as Dr. Jonah Vogelbaum (John Doman) wanted to testify against Vought. Vogelbaum's head followed and many other heads that also banged.
Fans speculated that maybe the Church of the Collective or Stan Edgar caused the explosions.
But when Alastair Adanas (Goran Visnjic) burned his head after speaking to Victoria Neuman on the phone, the congresswoman was exposed as the super who had been causing trouble all season.
It's unclear what her motives are, but she seemed to target certain people who wanted to find out or reveal Vought's secrets, like Raynor and Vogelbaum.
In the case of Alastair, he told Victoria that he "had enough shit to ruin a dozen Supers," which would be "a death knell for Stan Edgar." Victoria also told Alastair that she knew it was his information that led to the Stormfront shutdown.
Given that Hughie will now be working closely with Victoria (and fully aware of the fact that she is a dangerous sup) it will be interesting to see what happens when the show finally returns for season three.
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