Where in the world does the Washington Football Team go from here?

What do you do when you are a fan of the Washington Football team? What should the team do from here?
That's an honest question that the team will likely need help figuring out an answer to.
After a miserable performance in that 30:10 loss to the Los Angeles Rams, we have more questions than there are answers, and anyone watching Washington remains in another spiral of despair and frustration.
Key takeaways from Washington's ugly 30:10 loss to the Los Angeles Rams
You made a massive change at the quarterback this week, putting on the bench the man who many thought was your future answer and the two guys you need to replace looked completely incapable.
You completely revamped your seasonal schedule of trying to rebuild and develop young people to give the veterans a fair shock and now to win, but those veterans looked like total failures on Sunday with nothing to gain. They have one of the best lines of defense in the NFL on paper, but the defense as a whole is utterly incapable of stopping anyone and now allows more than 30 points per game in four consecutive competitions, all of which have been brutal losses.
Ron Rivera says Kyle Allen will be QB1 for Week 6, not Alex Smith
How are you? Are you quick to reverse course and give up this season by looking for a top-notch quarterback in the 2021 draft? Do you keep pushing and hope we see better results in a week? Are you putting Dwayne Haskins back in the QB seat hoping he's either bad enough to give you a top draft pick or good enough to show some growth on the line?
Do you have an answer
The answer to that last question is like a resounding no. You have to find something out pretty quickly though because if we keep seeing a lot more of what we got on Sunday there won't be any fans for the future.

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