Where's Chris Watts Now? How Shanann Watts' Killer Spends His Time In Prison

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Chris Watts' time in prison has reportedly become a lot more interesting.
Chris Watts' pregnant wife, Shanann Watts, and daughters Bella and Celeste went missing on August 13, 2018 after missing a doctor's appointment. Chris initially worked with police and said he had no idea where Shanann or the girls would be and spoke to the press asking for their safe return and how much he missed them. It wasn't until August 15, 2018, when Chris failed a lie detector test by a large margin that he became a serious and prime suspect in Shanann and the girls' disappearance. Chris then confessed to murdering Shanann but not the girls and accused Shanann of murdering their daughters and said he killed his wife in retaliation.
Police found the bodies of Shanann, Bella, and Celeste where Chris said they would be: at a construction site for the Anadarko Petroleum Company, where he worked prior to his eventual arrest. The girls' bodies were in oil tanks and Shanann was buried in a nearby shallow grave. In November 2018, Chris pleaded guilty to the murders of Shanann, Bella and Celeste. He was charged with five counts of first-degree murder (one for each person he killed, plus two more counts for the murders of Bella and Celeste because they were under 12), one count of wrongful termination of pregnancy, and three counts Manipulation of a deceased human body.
The case is extremely disturbing and may trigger some, so please proceed with caution. What is the latest Chris Watts update for 2022?
What was Chris Watts' phrase?
Chris Watts was sentenced to three consecutive and two concurrent life sentences for the murders of Shanann, Bella and Celeste, plus an additional 48 years for unlawful abortion and 36 years for manipulating their bodies.
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What happened to Chris Watts?
It wasn't until Chris Watts was already in prison that he revealed exactly how the murders happened: In February 2019, he recalled to investigators that he had told Shanann he wanted to break up because of his affair with then-girlfriend Nichol Kessinger. He and Shanann got into an argument and he claimed that Shanann threatened to stop him from ever seeing his daughters again. That's when Chris strangled Shanann to death. Investigators claimed he kept saying he told them he felt he "freaked out" and was "in a rage" at the time and barely realized what he was doing until it was too late.
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"Every time I think about it, I'm just like, 'Did I know I was going to do this?' I didn't want to do that, but I did," he said. "I wouldn't even want to say that it felt like I had to do it, it just felt like there was already something in my head that did that what was implanted in me wanted to do it and when I woke up that morning it was going to happen and I had no control over it.
Bella, 4, went into her room and asked what was wrong with her mother, to which Chris reportedly replied, "Mom's not well." Chris wrapped Shanann's body in a sheet and dragged him down the stairs of their home. He said Bella was a "smart girl" who "knew what was going on" and started crying. He strapped Bella and 3-year-old Celeste into the back seat of his vehicle, loaded Shanann's body in, and drove to the oil site.
After suffocating his daughters with a blanket and putting their bodies in oil tanks, he buried Shanann's body.
Where is Chris Watts now?
Today, Chris Watts is at Dodge Correctional Institution in Waupun, Wisconsin, a maximum security location. He was relocated there from his previous location in Colorado because of widespread interest in his case, which allegedly put him in danger. He told investigators that he keeps pictures of Shanann, Bella, and Celeste in his prison cell and talks to them every night.
How is Chris Watts' life in prison?
Chris Watts spends 23 hours of his day in lockdown. He can leave his cell for an hour a day to shower or exercise. In his cell he is only allowed to have a Bible and photos of the family he destroyed. Watts reportedly found religion in prison and says he reads some scriptures to his slain wife and daughters daily. On the HLN special Killer Dad: Chris Watts Speaks, Chris' mom, Cindy, read a letter from him that said, in part, "I'm still a dad! I'm still a son! No matter what. Now I can add a servant of God to this mix! He showed me peace, love and forgiveness and that's how I live each day.”
In November 2022, sources told PEOPLE that Watts exchanged sexually charged letters with several women.
“You send sexy pictures and he replies. There are many women who think he is handsome and misunderstood. They send a lot of letters," the insider said. "He has nothing else to do," added the source. "So he feeds his ego that way. Because he's not popular at all in prison. He's in protective custody. The only outlet he has are those letters."
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Does Chris Watts know about the Netflix documentary?
A friend of Chris Watts told PEOPLE that the convicted murderer was very familiar with the Netflix documentary American Murder: The Family Next Door, and while he doesn't have strong opinions on its specific content and hasn't seen it, it was he "triggered" by its release.
"Just knowing the documentary was out there sent Chris to some dark places," the source told PEOPLE. "He hates knowing it's out there but realizing he'll never see it... He's going through a lot of what happened and he hates not knowing what people say about his private." see communication. Not that he wants to spend that time seeing the darkest days of his life, but he wants to know what the documentary looks like and how it tells the story."
Does Chris Watts regret the murders?
A source told PEOPLE that Chris Watts regrets the murder of Shanann, Bella and Celeste. "He knows exactly what he did. He is haunted by what he has done. He says he can't shake the memories of his family and they haunt him," he said. "He's in his own psychological agony every day of his life. He knows he deserves it. He knows he made a lot of mistakes in his life and this is his punishment.”
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