White House staffers are scared for their lives and embarrassed by Trump's 'reckless' behavior, former staffer says

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White House employees fear for their lives after President Donald Trump returned to the White House on Monday with the coronavirus, said Olivia Troye, a former adviser to Vice President Mike Pence.
She told Times Radio in the UK on Tuesday that employees she spoke to were "afraid" of contracting the virus and were "ashamed" of Trump's "reckless" behavior.
Trump returned to the White House on Monday after spending the weekend at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.
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White House staff "fear" for their lives after President Donald Trump left the hospital on Monday despite still having the coronavirus, said Olivia Troye, a former adviser to Vice President Mike Pence.
Several White House employees and advisers to the President tested positive for the virus over the past week.
Troye, a former member of the White House's coronavirus task force, told Times Radio in the UK on Tuesday that other White House staff she spoke to were increasingly afraid of contracting the virus.
"You know, for my colleagues in the White House, I know they're scared," said Troye. "I've had conversations with some people who are still around. Their bodies may react differently to COVID.
"COVID is a very unpredictable virus and people react to it in very different ways. I know they are scared and scared. And they have to be embarrassed to some extent by what they see because this is this President and the administration they currently support and in which they work. "
Troye told host John Pienaar that some White House staff privately agreed to their strong public criticism of Trump's handling of the pandemic.
"I had closed door conversations during my tenure in the White House and I can tell you that many of these people, even though I speak publicly, have felt the same way I did behind closed doors," she said.
"They know he's ruthless. I've learned from some of his immediate associates that it is impossible to keep the president informed. I'm sure that was what went through their minds last night when they all saw it develop. "
Trump returned to the White House Monday night after receiving treatment at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center over the weekend. When he arrived he took off his face mask and disregarded medical advice to protect people from those infected with the virus.
He then shared a video on Twitter reproducing misleading claims about the virus he tweeted Monday afternoon. He told people not to be afraid of the coronavirus, which has killed more than 200,000 Americans.
Other reports this week have described White House officials as angry with the President for returning to the White House while still suffering from a highly contagious virus.
"It's crazy that he is going back to the White House putting the health of his employees at risk if we find out about new cases among senior executives," a White House source told Axios. "This place is a cesspool."
Axios described the source as "an expression of widespread dismay" among Trump administration officials.
The source added: "He went so far as to prevent embarrassing stories from exposing thousands of his own employees and supporters to a deadly virus. He's kept us in the dark, and now our spouses and children have to pay the price. It's easy selfish."
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