White House starts video series on crumbling infrastructure in McConnell’s home state

The White House released a series of videos on Monday highlighting crumbling infrastructure in eastern Kentucky as part of a media push to gain support for President Joe Biden's proposed infrastructure bill.
With moderate Democrats and Republicans at odds over how much money to spend on repairing roads, bridges, and drinking water, among other things, the White House has made videos highlighting the shortage of broadband access and safe drinking water in the United States East Kentucky.
One follows Pikeville's Danielle Adams as she goes into town to go online when her WiFi goes down in her home. In the other, BarbiAnn Miner in Martin County shows the dirty tap water in her kitchen sink and some of the shabby roads and bridges in Martin County.
"People are talking about, 'Eastern Kentucky is poor and they don't really have anything,'" Miner says in the video. "Well, how are we ever going to have anything if our government doesn't invest in our infrastructure?"
The videos, which are slated to feature stories from across the country, will only be seen on social media. They start in the home state of US Senator Mitch McConnell, who has spoken out against Biden's infrastructure package.
McConnell's office declined to comment and was cranky about bipartisan talks between moderate Democratic and Republican senators and declared the era of bipartisan collaboration over before saying an infrastructure deal was still possible.
The Moderates Group's latest proposal would allocate $ 579 billion for new infrastructure spending over the next five years, but lawmakers have not yet agreed how to pay for it, Politico reported.
They would also need support from the more liberal and conservative members of the Senate.
Democrats have said they can agree to a bipartisan bill as long as there is another bill, likely only Democrat-backed, that will address climate, childcare and higher corporate taxes.
While leaving the door open to a bipartisan infrastructure package, McConnell has repeatedly said that his top priority is stopping Biden's agenda.
Conservatives cite the growing national debt, which increased significantly during the tenure of ex-President Donald Trump, as a reason not to pass the bill without clear funding.
McConnell has said he and the Republicans will not support a bill based on withdrawing tax cuts from the Republican's 2017 tax bill - one of his major achievements in the era of former President Donald Trump - to pay more government spending.
As a possible solution to a new infrastructure package, he has suggested using public-private partnerships such as those that have helped fund new bridges in Louisville.
Republicans have also resented some of the things the Biden government proposed as infrastructure, saying any package should stick to things like roads, bridges, water and internet and not include things like home nursing or childcare.
Some federal funding has already been allocated to improving broadband Internet and water infrastructure in Kentucky. In the final days of the legislature, the Kentucky General Assembly allocated more than $ 550 million from the US rescue plan to improve broadband access and clean drinking water projects.

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