White man calls Connecticut police on Black group

A social media video showing a white man calling the police of a group of black and Hispanic men in Connecticut has initiated a police investigation and is comparing a similar incident to New York's Central Park last month. (June 26)
Video transcript
- not [INAUDIBLE] -
- What are you doing to me?
- Yo.
- What are you going to do with me?
- [INAUDIBLE] fuck you.
- Oh yeah?
- To back up. Why you [INAUDIBLE]? To back up.
- --my face.
- Leave it on camera.
- Secure it.
- Is that [INAUDIBLE] police department? OK.
- Impressive.
- I have people trying to put a boat in the water. It is illegal.
- How is that illegal?
- I have a boat down here. I have a legal right to put my boat in the water. Not you!
DARNELL CROSLAND: We sent a letter from my office asking that these gentlemen be arrested.
- What's your name, sir?
- You have [INAUDIBLE]?
- We weren't here to put the boat in the water. You do not know that. You have no evidence of this. We hang out. How do you know?
- Sorry. They came here to apparently sit on a boat in the parking lot.
- Yes, but how do you know we put it in the water? How do you know?
- - in the park? Do you own the park?
- Who said we would put the boat in the water? Nobody said that. We hang out.
- Damn loser.
DARNELL CROSLAND: This should be a local arrest. This guy was clearly out of control. There was enough evidence from the independent witnesses there. There was a lawyer who was white and said he saw this guy provoke these guys.
- What's your name, sir? What's your name? What's your name?
- My name is God.
- God. OK.
- God.
- Yes exactly.
- G-O-D.
- What is your surname?
DARNELL CROSLAND: The 911 system should be what you ask of people who come and help you, protect you and serve you. Due to the fact that black men, no matter where they come from, were abused by the police, especially here in the USA, but as we can see from the far-reaching protests, this is happening in London, and it is. This is also happening in France and in other places - but because of this kind of reaction, these people now feel like they want to hurt a black person. All you have to do is call the police.
- I brought you in front of the camera, a few black people, right? Got your license plate and everything.
- A bunch of black people bother me, yes.
- We don't bother you. You bother us.
- Annoy me!
- OK.
- --harass--
- White lives are important too!
- [laughs]
- let's get out of here--

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