Who is the most-likely Bills player to catch record-breaking 14th TD?

Not only did the Buffalo Bills regain the AFC East title against the Denver Broncos on Saturday, but they also set an interesting NFL record that they now have to break in two games.
In a very surprising way, wide receiver Jake Kumerow caught a touchdown pass from Josh Allen in that week 15 blowout between 48 and 19. He was the 13th player on the Bills to receive a touchdown pass this season to hit the League record binds.
A total of seven other teams have done this in a single season, including the Bucs (2003), Falcons (2016), Colts (2018), Dolphins (2018), Saints (2018), Titans (2019) and 49ers (2019).
Along with Kumerow and ... Allen himself, here are the other players on the bills who are to receive a touchdown pass in 2020:
WR Gabriel Davis (6)
WR Stefon Diggs (5)
WR Cole Beasley (4)
WR Isaiah McKenzie (3)
TE Dawson Knox (3)
TE Tyler Kroft (3)
WR John Brown (2)
TE / FB Reggie Gilliam (1)
QB Josh Allen (1)
WR Jake Kumerow (1)
RB Zack Moss (1)
TE Lee Smith (1)
RB TJ Yeldon (1)
Now the question arises, who could be number 14?
The top contender, based on playing time and experience, has to let Devin Singletary run back. Singletary scored a goal against the Broncos just last week, but it was a hasty touchdown, not a reception. As a rookie, Singletary was no stranger to such results. He got two touchdown passes in 2019.
Speaking of two touchdowns, how about Dion Dawkins? In his career, the left tackle has checked into games as a receiver and caught passes twice, both in the end zone. These occurred in 2018 and 2019.
In the same light as Dawkins, Ryan Bates is a name to think of. On Buffalo's goal-line packages this year, Bates is frequently checking in as an additional recipient for games, as Dawkins has. In most cases, a defense ignores this because the lineman's job is to block, not actually to be the recipient. But as Bills' offensive coordinator Brian Daboll has shown over the past few years, he's not afraid of throwing balls at the big boys.
Behind Singletary and Dawkins, Andre Roberts is likely the number 3 contestant. Almost all of his job is being a kick-returner. Occasionally, however, he does see a few snapshots in games that are on the offensive for the Bills. Roberts only had one game with a longer attack in 2020, week 5 against the Titans. In addition, Roberts has played a total of two Snaps on offense since week 5.
Assuming the bills stay completely sane, only Singletary in all likelihood has a realistic look at becoming number 14 year and even further down the list, broader recipient Duke Williams. After his goal in 2019, Williams has now spent the entire season on the Buffalo training team. If Buffalo has nothing to play in week 17, maybe he could be called up and given some playtime.
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