Who Will Actually Be The Next James Bond? An In-Depth Analysis

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By Esquire
Who will replace Daniel Craig as James Bond if he exchanges his Walther PPK for a P45? Who knows. So far before the release of Bond 25 in 2020, you might as well make the Ouija board ask the spirit of Cubby Broccoli what he thinks of it.
Nevertheless, there are some orthodoxy that point the way. Traditionally, it was a role that brought the actors onto the A list rather than the A list. Check out where past bonds were in their careers when they got the appearance: Sean Connery was a distinctive jobbing actor best known for fighting goblins in Disney's Irish story Darby O'Gill and the Little People . George Lazenby was a car salesman who became a mascot for chocolate advertising and came across broccoli among hairdressers. Pierce Brosnan had a perm.
You will also need a story of violent, critically respected parts of the film these days. Daniel Craig had Layer Cake, Munich and a role as Ted Hughes in Sylvia on his show reel before Bond, and the next one will need a similarly solid resume and be confident if he jumps out of helicopters and the like. Then there's the general feeling of bond-ishness: Connery "moved like a panther," as Cubby's wife Dana Broccoli put it, and that feeling of muscularity was an integral part of every Bond actor on the big screen. These are the 16 leaders.
Lashana Lynch
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We all know by now that British Captain Marvel star Lashana Lynch will play a new 00 agent who will hit Bond on the head in no time. Not much is known about the character named Nomi, apart from her talent for stealth attacks and devastating defeats. In the trailer, she tells Daniel Craig's creaking agent that "the world has gone on" since he decided to retire and exchange his license and weapons for grimaces at a Jamaican lake. "So stay on your track. You stand in my way, I'll put a bullet in your knee. The one that works. "
That is, they band together to defeat Rami Malek's (not so) mysterious villain. This offers two creative options: you could kill Bond (for how long it was speculated) and replace him with Nomi's character for future films, or you could give Nomi your own spin-off series / film.
It goes without saying that the first option would make all the worst people in the world angry. Lashana Lynch has already touched on the embarrassing backlash that came with the inaccurate headlines that she would play in Cary Fukanaga's 007 film. "It makes me pretty sad for some people because their opinions don't even come from a mean place - they're actually from a sad place," she told The Hollywood Reporter. "It's not about me. People react to an idea that has nothing to do with my life."
Ultimately, there is a possibility that Lashana Lynch will not succeed Daniel Craig in the lead role. However, we are excited about the possibility that she could offer a new path for a franchise that was somewhat constrained by its legacy. There are new stories to tell, new characters to create, and a spin-off could offer the opportunity to bring them to the screen.
Tom Hardy
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If you have Pierce Brosnan's backing - the previous Bond said he imagined Hardy Bond would wiggle a bit last year - you're halfway there, and Hardy has the brooding look, magnetism, and underdog streak in the Spade. Still, Hardy might be a little too obvious at this point. As the kind of A-Lister that makes other A-listeners look like boring nerds, he doesn't need the role to raise him further, so Bond could be a strange fit for Hardy. He might also be a bit cautious about throwing himself into another big franchise so soon after Venom, and Bond isn't the kind of role you can just wander off of to do other things. It is, as Craig once remarked, "a big machine". It's still the obvious choice, but bond producers have rarely opted for the obvious 007.
Idris Elba
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There was a moment in 2018 that summarized where Idris is with the bond thing. Good Morning The British Divya Kohli captivated him at the premiere of Yardie, his directorial debut, gave him a martini glass and asked whether he had shaken or stirred it. Idris looked like he wished it was bleach that he could chug back. He's the first to enjoy the idea - see his selfie with Daniel Craig at the Golden Globes - but after the Sony hack showed in 2014 that he was in the race, Bond Chat did it that way encircled that whatever he's doing now, people always ask about Bond. That doesn't mean he doesn't have everything a good bond needs, but he's probably fed up with the whole thing, and who could blame him? He is also in his late forties, the same age as Roger Moore when his era began. When Rog got out, it looked like he desperately needed an Ovaltine and an early night, making it unlikely that producers would choose an older bond again.

James Norton
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The flood of BBC thrillers in recent years has brought a certain group of leading British actors to the top of the Bond bill. Norton's appearance in McMafia has pushed him to the top of the pack for a few months, and he certainly has the aspects of "wearing a suit" and "waving a weapon" in this role. On the other hand, he is a bit light in the film experience and could rightly dismiss Bond rumors as "very flattering, very humiliating speculation". He seems to be the Clive Owen de nos jours.
But is he too? A small part of Greta Gerwig's Oscar-disrupting Little Women and a much larger part of the BBC drama The Trial Of Christine Keeler suggest that he still has the wind behind him in business.
"It's crazy. It's not real. It's speculative," Norton recently told The Sunday Times. "There's no truth to that. Unless journalists know something more than I do."
You could do it well. But how does it feel to be looked at in this world at all? What is beyond? James? Jimmy?
"It's bizarre and quite flattering to be looked at in this world at all, but beyond that? Pure speculation."
Come on, Mr. Norton, you have as much fun speculating as we do.
"It's really hard because whatever I say can become a story," he continued. Very clever. Come on, Jigga man, stop blocking. Give us an answer. "I don't know how to answer."
That counts as an answer. Norton finally put down his flat stick and instead pushed one around the corner for a single when it came to the production team responsible for turning Bond into a 21st century film juggler.
"I love the franchise and hope that [Bond producer] Barbara Broccoli will continue to make it relevant," said Norton. "Unlike one-liners, getting into the heart of Bond's private world is a step forward."
Aha! The mask slips off. He wants it. Norton is a lot. Stop betting immediately. #AnnounceNorton. James Norton Welcome to James Bond | Insane Skills | Goals | Helps HD.
Sam Heughan
Photo credit: Taylor Hill - Getty Images
As a relatively new participant in the Bond race, you will recognize Heughan from Outlander and possibly from a role in Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon's comedy The Spy Who Dumped Me as a very Bond-y secret agent. At 39, he's exactly the right age, though maybe half a decade too late for producers to build another 15-year term.
Perhaps just as important is that he has the Connery factor. Heughan is from Balmaclellan in the Dumfries and Galloway, and he thinks it's time to occupy Bond again north of Hadrian's wall. "I think any actor who says he won't lie, and I think it's time we got a Scottish bond again," he told STV News last May when asked if he was 007 want to play. Then, in January of that year, he said Good Morning Britain: "It's not a no."
Friends: that's a yes.
Jack Lowden
Photo credit: Mike Marsland - Getty Images
Another new runner and another from Scotland, the Lowden raised by Borders, is only 29 years old and the best place for grooming in the next 007. The problem is that he doesn't really want it. Actually, that's not quite the truth. He just never wants Craig to stop being Bond.
"I'm a big Daniel Craig fan and I don't think he should ever stop," said Lowden to GP. "Bond dealing with age is a brilliant idea and I think we should go all the way up to Daniels 85."
Fair enough - Lowden was 15 when Craig was occupied, and he probably feels that a small part of his childhood breaks down and withers when Craig leaves. However, Lowden could be a successor to a dark horse.
He has form in heavyweight dramas (Denial, '71) as well as in major British action films (Dunkirk) and memorabilia (Mary Queen of Scots, War & Peace). He also knows a suit. His bond could take his tailoring in a completely different direction than Craig's muscle-bound power suits. We have actually been beating the drum for Lowden's suits for some time. Release him at your risk.
Michael B. Jordan
Credit: Steve Granitz - Getty Images
An outdoor shot as he would be the first black to play Bond and the first American to play it, but the star of Black Panther and Just Mercy has received support from a potentially practical source: No Time To Die's theme song- Singer Billie Eilish.
"Frankly, Michael B. Jordan would kill this shit," she said to Capital Breakfast as she urged her choice to follow Craig. Then, to avoid doubt, "I think he would kill it."
Well, this recommendation may not have the same strength as Barbara Broccoli, for example. But who should say that Eilish was not in the same room as Broccoli to play the single "No Time To Die", sneak up on her and whisper in her ear: "Michael B. Jordan would kill this shit"? Not us.
Richard Madden
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If it is an important performance indicator for a hopeful bond, suddenly staring at something out of the frame, like a spaniel that has just noticed the smell of a fox in two fields, then bodyguard Madden gave ample opportunity to show off his aptitude and to record a golden globe while he was there. The hard but contradictory but fragile but dutiful thing is solid bond training, and Madden's silence on the subject feels more like a kind of silence where something will happen than an emptiness where nothing will happen. On the other hand, in addition to the overwhelming and possibly cursed CIA drama Bastille Day, there is a lack of large screens that were pulled out of French cinemas after the opening after the terrorist attacks at the Bastille Day celebrations in Nice. With Craig's Bond doing the Bond-goes-Bourne thing for so long that grainy Bourne-style clobbering has become the norm for most action films and certainly most spy films, Madden's empty scarcity could be a step back in 2005 as a step forward.

Riz Ahmed
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Everyone likes Riz. He's obviously a brilliant actor, as you know from Nightcrawler, Four Lions and The Night Of, and he's also one of the good guys. Had Ahmed been in the race in 2005, he might have been a little too interesting and open to the role, but whether on Twitter or through his music with Swet Shop Boys or as Riz MC, he was always an intelligent and considerate person when talking about Representation in television and film and as such would be just the right type to play the first Bond of Color. If someone could show that Bond can go with the times and, if necessary, can rely on the kind of baby boy who would freak out at the idea of ​​a Muslim bond with a combination of grace and just strength, he can.
Tom Hiddleston
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Similar to Madden and Norton, a budget Beeb production put Hiddleston high on the list of bookmakers. Like all Le Carré adjustments, The Night Manager Hiddleston gave plenty of room to practice pondering in hotel rooms. He could have the time, now the Avengers saga is being rounded off. On the other hand, even if you ignore the strange mood that comes from the whole Taylor Swift thing - although actually no Bond should really wear a T-shirt with his girlfriend's initials unless 'I <3 TS' really announced Hiddlestons Love for Tremendous Spying or The Sesh - Hiddleston is just a little too big for the role. We also recently heard that he was not addressed: "Nobody spoke to me about it," he said to Graham Norton in 2018.
Daniel Kaluuya
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For some reason, nobody is really talking about Kaluuya as an outcry for Bond right now, but all the ingredients are there. Between Sicario, Black Panther, Widows and Get Out, he has both critical clout and action chops and is exactly the type of famous but not mega-mega-famous actor who generally gets the appearance. When the Hollywood reporter introduced him to the idea of ​​being Bond, he dodged it admirably: "What are the chances of that? I have to know the chances first because I need a new kitchen." For the record, Daniel, your chances are between 6-1 and 20-1, but we would rate it much shorter.

Henry Cavill
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Cavill's name has appeared in Bond for more than a decade: he was Martin Campbell's director Martin Campbell's choice to succeed Pierce Brosnan, but he lost to Daniel Craig because he was too young at 23. He's old enough now, but last year a pointless post on discussing how #MeToo changed dating might rule him out. In addition, potential bonds are said to have a winking chase when someone asks them if they are bonds. Cavill doesn't have this memo. "I would love the opportunity and if you asked I would say yes," he said breathlessly in 2018, sounding more like a somewhat anxious candidate from the Duke of Edinburgh who really needs this Oxfam Stock Assistant gig than like a devil who takes care of it super spy.
Aidan Turner
Photo credit: Getty Images
Another piece approved by the BBC, his stay at Poldark has brought him a few shoots in his tuxedo and he has the necessary smoldering fire. There is precedent for an Irish bond in Brosnan and for the controversial Irish in the race - Cillian Murphy and Michael Fassbender are the others - Turner is the one with the best shot. Given that no one really remembers that he was in the Hobbit films, it seems like the right point in his career to be in the film too. However, the conversation around him has cooled down since Madden's appearance.
Damian Lewis
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Betting on Lewis has shifted a bit since Homeland made him the leader, and as he approaches 50, he's unlikely to carry the franchise for the decade expected from a Bond actor. Still, there are a few things that make him unique to get the gig: he read an audiobook from Diamonds Are Forever; He worked with Barbara Broccoli on The Silent Storm in 2014 and she is known to be a fan of his. and above all, Lewis was christened "the next James Bond" by Willowy Liverpool midfielder Adam Lallana in 2017 when the two met at cricket.

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Damian Lewis ... cool cracker and a red one? James Bond sure? #ENGvSA #Lords
A post by Adam Lallana (@officiallallana) on July 6, 2017 at 8:06 a.m. PDT

John Boyega
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Boyega ran a Google Assistant ad that played with the idea that he was playing Bond - he's in a tuxedo, doing the classic pre-credits bond squat and gun point pose, and likes what he likes so much sees that he calls his agent - and he managed to act as both a laugh and a real contender to take Bond and make him fun, dashing, and lively. He admitted in March of last year that he was a little too young for that, but there is usually a short pause after each bond has launched its Thelma & Louise-style DB5 off the cliff. Boyega could easily be in her mid-thirties before the decision is made and put him straight in the frame.
Henry Golding
Photo credit: Will Bremridge / Esquire UK
It was a few eventful years for Henry Golding. Since his film debut in Crazy Rich Asians in 2018, the Malaysian-English actor has established himself as the point of contact for every Hollywood romcom who needs a chic, suitable and largely silent love interest.
So it's no surprise that his name was thrown into the ring for 007 and his chances are currently 8/1. Golding even responded to the rumors himself and told BBC Radio 1: "It's a crazy, crazy idea, but strange things have happened. I'm just looking forward to Daniel Craig. You know, he was my bond."
That may be true, but the 32-year-old's stance on the character would likely mean a departure from Craig's war-torn tenure. Golding is a lot of things - handsome, supernaturally good at wearing suits, charming - but he's not gritty. Looking at all the entries in this list, Golding offers the most Brosnan-like option. This is not a bad thing in our book.
Apart from that, he has the opportunity to prove his references as an action man in Guy Richie's The Gentlemen (from January 2020) alongside Matthew McConaughey, Colin Farrell, Hugh Grant and Charlie Hunnam. It is not yet clear what role Golding will play, but the trailer shows him insanely firing a machine gun, staring at people and wearing hell out of a turtleneck sweater. So make what you want out of it. The story follows an American expat who decided to sell his marijuana empire.
It's refreshing to see an actor show his excitement at the prospect of playing 007 instead of responding with a stock answer. When Golding talked to MTV about a bond joke that found his way to Last Christmas, he said, "That was my audition. I don't think I understand [the role]. [My name] was thrown around. What a man Actor." Wouldn't your right mind face the challenge of being one of the most iconic, cinematic men out there? "

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