Who won the VP debate? Polls show what Americans thought of Pence and Harris

New polls released following Wednesday's debate between Vice President Mike Pence and Senator Kamala Harris show who Americans think is ahead.
The 90-minute vice-presidential debate touched on multiple issues - including the environment, race, and the Supreme Court - and depended largely on the coronavirus pandemic. Although some of the moderator's questions went unanswered by the candidates, the overall debate involved far fewer interruptions and rule violations than last week's presidential debate between President Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden.
A CNN poll of 609 registered voters who followed the debate found that Harris was ahead.
Fifty-nine percent said they did "the best job" during the debate, while 38% said the same about pence and 3% said they were "equally good".
The survey was conducted on October 7th and has an error rate of plus or minus 5.3 percentage points.
Similarly, in a FiveThirtyEight / Ipsos survey that asked 1,725 ​​adults to rate each candidate's performance and their responses to guidelines, Harris gave Harris a "good" rating as pence in both categories.
While 69.3% of those who followed at least part of the debate said Harris' performance was "good", 59.5% said the same about pence, and 61.7% said their responses to politics were "good" , 44.1% said the same his.
Meanwhile, 38.8% of respondents rated Pence's performance as "bad," while 28.7% said the same about Harris and 52.6% said his policy responses were "bad," while 35.6% said the same of her.
However, the poll found that the debate hasn't changed how Americans want to vote. But Harris's favor has changed.
A poll prior to the debate found that Harris had a net benefit of +4 percentage points. After the debate, their positive rating increased by 6 percentage points with a net favorable rating of +10. FiveThirtyEight defined net benevolence as the rate of those who rated the candidates positively minus the rate of those who rated them negatively.
According to the survey, pence remained stable at a net discount of -14.
"Both Harris and Pence had a large percentage of people who either hadn't heard from them or had no opinion that they entered the debate, so they both had an opportunity to change their favorable numbers," says FiveThirtyEight. "However, it seems Harris made a more positive impression."
The CNN poll also found that the debate has done nothing to change who most voters want to vote for.
Fifty-five percent of respondents said this had "no effect" on their vote.
Harris' favor has also increased in the CNN poll. While 56% said they had a positive opinion of her in a September 30th through October 30th poll. 4, said 63% in the October 7 poll.
She also caught on in a number of categories that the survey asked about, including who made their point of view clearer, who was better at defending their run mate, and who was “more in touch with the needs and problems of people like you is. ”
Pollster Frank Luntz told Fox News that voters seemed to appreciate that Harris and Pence were "far more cordial" than the candidates during the presidential debate.
"They really didn't like to crouch," Luntz said. “But they were so much happier with this debate than the first. The first one for her was embarrassing. At least this one had the decency. But the frustration ... was (that) "They duck the question, they spin."
Also, some analysts say the Vice Presidential debate is unlikely to change the way people would vote.
The way voters viewed the candidates was politically divided and "in that sense there was no clear winner or loser," reports the New York Times.
"Partisans on both sides will like what their candidate did, dislike the other candidate, and no opinion will change," Bruce Haynes, a Republican strategist, told The Times, adding that it was doubtful that they would Debate would affect indecisive voters.

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