Why 23-Year-Old Who Seems To Have It All Says She’s Living A Nightmare

Jen is 23, has a successful business and a healthy 3 year old daughter. Some may say she seems to have it all. But Jen says her life is a mess. "I'm struggling to get on with my ex-boyfriend, Chris, our daughter's father," Jen says. Jen says she and Chris have had a rocky relationship since their daughter was born. She claims he would take off and go for months and let her raise the little girl as a single mother. She says they haven't seen each other in almost a year and only recently started talking again. “Chris wants to be back. He wants to be a part of my life and our daughter's life, ”says Jen. "My feeling is that if Chris wants to have a relationship with me then he'd better do what I told him to do from the start and be a co-parent." In the video above, hear what Chris says about his relationship with Jen - and his own behavior. In the episode, will you hear from Dr. Phil on Thursday from Jen's father and her best friend and why they both say Jen shouldn't be in a relationship with Chris. Can Jen and Chris move forward and learn to be parents together? Hear what Dr. Phil says he thinks both must do. Check out local listings to see where to see "My Dad Dislikes My Ex Boyfriend". TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Do you desperately need Dr. Phil's help?
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