Why Alexander Vindman had an inkling Trump's infamous Ukraine call would go 'haywire' before it took place

Alexander Vindmann. Sarah Silberger / Getty Images
Retired Lieutenant Colonel Vindman had a bad feeling about former President Donald Trump's infamous phone call to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in 2019 before it even happened, he reveals in his new book Here, Right Matters: An American Story, an excerpt was published by The Atlantic.
Vindman writes that on the way to the White House, along with Tim Morrison, who was then senior director of the National Security Council for Europe and Russia (Vindman was then director of European affairs for the NSC), he suggested: It would be a good idea to Include White House attorneys in the call.
Two things had frightened Vindman in the days leading up to the exchange - first, then The Ambassador to the European Union, Gordon Sondland, had suggested on several occasions that Zelensky be rewarded with a visit to the White House if he opposed the Ukraine-related investigation the then Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his son Hunter continues. Vindman writes that he told Sondland that he found the idea inappropriate and wanted to believe that the ambassador was just a "loose cannon". Vindman's concern grew when the call was postponed for three days with no explanation.
"That could go haywire," Vindman told Morrison. But Morrision did not share his concern and dismissed the legal proposal "out of hand," writes Vindman.
You probably know what happened next - Trump hinted that the US could refuse military aid to Ukraine if Zelenskyi does not advance Biden's unsubstantiated investigation. "If what I've just heard goes public," says Vindman to his brother Yevgeny, "the president will be charged." He was right about that too. Read the excerpt from The Atlantic.
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