Why Didn’t Anyone Tell Us What Would Happen To Our Aging Hair?!

My paternal grandmother had jet black hair until she died. She didn't use boxed hair dye or smuggled my grandfather's Greek formula. (He was bald anyway.) It was a real anomaly.
The only true
The truth is, most of us go gray. And we probably already know that. However, what few of us suspect is that a lot will change in our hair as we age - not just in color. The specific changes can vary by genetics and race, of course, but here are some of the changes some of us (white people especially) might experience.
From around 25, we may first notice a difference in the texture of our hair. Over time, your hair can get coarse, curly, thin, straight, thin, or wavy - which is the code for "anything goes".
Whether or not we have an obvious change in texture, there is a good chance our hair will become brittle. Do you know the expression "not fragile as a flower, fragile as a bomb"? Well, our hair goes more realistically towards a fragile flower - or rather a splintered toothpick.
We will most likely lose volume (individual strands are actually thin) and shine, but for me the least palatable reality is that many of us will experience female pattern hair loss that can start as early as the age of 12 'doesn't just happen Men, and it obviously doesn't even have to wait until middle age to start the process.
What's up
A number of "outside forces" are taking their toll on our hair. There are those who I think are our own damn faults: a crappy diet, years of overwork and chronic hair exposure to heat (think iron and blow dryer), product buildup, and smoking.
There are those that you cannot easily avoid, such as medications, pollution, and hard water.
There are those who are beyond our control, such as illness, pregnancy, and chemotherapy.
And then there are the inevitable realities of life: stress (physical or emotional), fluctuating hormones, family history, and age.
Getting to the point of guilt
I have no problem with the transitions my follicles naturally pass through; I have a problem that no one hinted - or better yet, yelled - that these transitions were imminent.
Our mothers gave us brochures explaining the changes in our adolescent bodies (and the unpredictability of our moods); they warned us not to oil our faces with baby oil and to roast them in the sun; they could have alluded to chin hairs and bunions. But nobody, NOBODY, informed us about the radio that would happen to our hair.
We were prepared for the gray - after all, we have eyes. Over time, our wavy beach hair may have been demoted to flaccid algae, and that's not comfortable. But our hair looked like we had given our crotch a perm and it hit us on the head? No - I didn't expect that.
And if that's not enough, how about our hair breaking off? Gone are the days of the beehive and Rachel - any digging of our curls would end up in a sink full of hair hay or something reminiscent of curly, twisted ties. I would have been happy to have a head up there. At least I could buy a small dustpan.
We diagnose that our dull hair is in need of a mayonnaise vinegar treatment with a Bud Light conditioner. We want to blame cheap shampoo for our dull wax build-up. The fact is, however, that our hair can take it upon itself to just sprout sadly and dull from our heads. If someone had told us, Pert could have been off the hook.
It was once possible that we had hair that was too thick for a single braid; Every now and then we may have the type of hair that is just right for a single strand. Nobody ever told us that we would look back at our growls with nostalgia. Now I miss my rat nest.
We thought thinning hair was a men’s problem (which would have been fair, given that our bodies have struggled with things like hot flashes, gas, and insomnia - while men get crow's feet that make them look perky and charming). By the time we are 50 years old, around 40% of us will have hair loss, especially on the head.
I remember seeing women in church with white scalps peering through sparse strands. I put them in the "it's your own goddamned mistake" category and imagined that Aqua-Net and hood heaters were the culprits. Not so. If I had seen their aunts or grandmas, I would not have accepted so quickly. My fault for jumping to conclusions? Lower Austria. Someone else is responsible for not telling me that inheritance is a slut sometimes.
Finally: thoughts on gray
All of us women have bodies that change over the course of our lives, some change great - and some not that much. Muscle loss and weak bones are not something we would choose; Recession of the gums and visual disturbances are also undesirable. In this category, too, we'd turn straggly, wiry, thinning hair into clumps.
But gray hair? Many of us are comfortable with it or even want to. We agree with the 50-50-50 rule, which states that "50% of the population by the age of 50 has approximately 50% gray hair".
Maybe we are not ready to take responsibility for it; Disguising these less pigmented strands is boring. Maybe there aren't enough scarves, turbans, and hats in the whole world to hold up those gray underwear.
On the other hand, we are virtually and in person surrounded by confident gray-haired divas who absolutely rock it. I love the woman at my pool who stopped coloring her hair and got a nice, natural gray when she was 34. Even teenagers have jumped in and made a name for themselves in the gray hair scene. As early as 2015, the gray hair trend appeared among younger people on social media with the "chic hashtag (#GrannyHair), complete with instructions ...".
It may once have been a harbinger of crippled decline, but if you look at Helen Mirren and Lady Gaga you will see how sexy a head of gray hair can be.
I'm not sure any of us will ever accept the thinning, coarse, and dull hair that is coming our way. But what if the world came to celebrate as a sign of wisdom and experience, as evidence of a life well lived? Probably not going to happen.
Still, we can at least warn the aging women of the future: your hair is going to experience some unwanted changes, and it's never too soon to google some prophylactic remedies.
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