Why Is Kim Kardashian Endorsing the Doctor Who ‘Medically Raped’ Me?

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There are few parallels between my quiet life and the bustle of the Kardashian clan's world, including that of Kim Kardashian. But one thing we share is a battle with fertility issues. I can respect the openness Kim Kardashian showed when she opened up to the world about her fertility issues. I was forced to do the same. And so I ask you to part with the doctor who injured me and committed fertility fraud to my family and keep up with the Kardashians.
In the episode "Keeping Up With The Kardashians," which first aired October 1, Scott Disick sought help from Dr. Phillip Milgram in Carlsbad, California. When I heard about it, my blood ran cold. Just two weeks earlier (on September 16), my attorney Adam Wolf filed a lawsuit against Dr. Milgram for fertility fraud. The good news for Kim Kardashian is that Dr. Milgram wasn't her fertility doctor. The bad news for Ms. Kardashian is that her popular reality television show gave a predator her very public stamp of approval.
Dr. Phillip Milgram on Maintaining the Kardashians
From one mother to another, I appeal to Kim Kardashian to publicize herself and her television show by Dr. Separate Milgram. The E! Entertainment Network should either put a disclaimer for future broadcasts of the episode or Dr. Remove Milgram from the program. This is someone stripped of their medical license from New York, Nevada, and California (before regaining it in that state). When Dr. Milgram was a product, Kim Kardashian would never (and should) never knowingly endorse it.
It's hard to explain the shock, pain, and confusion I felt when I found out that the person I have loved so much for 32 years - my son Jimmy - is genetically related to a doctor without mine Consent has introduced his own sperm into me and against my wishes.
Dr. Milgram assured us he could help when my ex-husband and I sought his help many years ago. It was a struggle at 20, but we paid the cost and went through the emotional and physical difficulties of fertility treatment. Again and again we were assured that everything was fine and that we would be fine. Dr. Milgram told me that he was going to use semen from an anonymous donor - someone I didn't know - whose sperm had been used multiple times to make babies. He told me that the donor was in good physical and mental health.
We were over the moon when we found out I was pregnant. It was the best day of my life when we were blessed with the birth of my son Jimmy.
It wasn't until many years later that I found out that Dr. Milgram had lied to me: instead of using an anonymous donor's sperm as he had promised, he used his own sperm. Instead of using the sperm of a physically and mentally healthy person as he had promised, he used the sperm of a drug user who appeared to have had serious mental health problems.
Today my son is traumatized. He experiences significant emotional distress and confusion about his identity. He is now forever linked to a biological sperm donor who injured his own mother. This was "medical rape"; Dr. Milgram is a medical predator.
Beverly and Jimmy Willhelm
If that isn't bad enough, Dr. Milgram's checkered medical history made worse. My lawsuit against Milgram also includes a number of other disturbing details that were not revealed to Keeping Up With the Kardashians viewers:
“Milgram gave up his California medical license in 1999 on allegations of mistreating numerous patients from 1992 to 1993. The Board of Medicine accused him of gross negligence, repeated negligence, incompetence, failure to maintain adequate medical records, excessive treatment, prescribing Xanax and Prozac to his nurse girlfriend (a drug addict who died shortly afterwards of suicide) without a bona fide investigation or medical indication to aid in prescribing, practicing medication while intoxicated, and consuming drugs or alcohol in a harmful way to oneself. The defendant was accused of having an abortion performed on a non-pregnant patient, performing other unnecessary surgery and none Having obtained informed consent for surgical interventions. Around the same time, New York suspended its license ...

In 1999, the defendant lived and practiced in Nevada, but initially did not inform the state licensing authority of the fees and delivery of his license in California or that his license in New York had been suspended. Nevada revoked the defendant's medical license effective September 13, 2000 for failing to provide such notice ...

"During the pre-reinstatement trial (2004), the defendant admitted that he was likely to have treated patients under the influence of drugs."
In a letter to Keeping Up With The Kardashians producers, attorney Adam Wolf stated, “Of course I know that neither Kim Kardashian nor anyone associated with Keeping Up With The Kardashians will knowingly use the services of anyone with a Dr . Milgram. I understand that you are not intentionally promoting a medical professional and implicitly promoting someone like Dr. Would support Milgram. In particular, I don't think any of Ms. Kardashian's proven leadership on fertility issues would positively shine a spotlight on a doctor currently being sued for fertility fraud. "
I totally agree with these feelings and have no malice towards the Kardashians. I can identify with the fertility struggles Kim Kardashian went through in public. And I hope she will listen to this request from another mother who now feels that her story is so publicly known. I ask Kim to do the right thing, and from any kind of perceived support from Dr. Phillip Milgram to resign.
After an E! Representative, "Dr. Milgram's appearance has been removed from all future broadcasts of this "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" episode. "
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