Why Marvel Fans Think Natalie Portman Just Revealed a Major Thor 4 Spoiler

Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe know that its stars need to be especially excited about plot details for upcoming films. Fortunately for those who want more information on the fourth Thor film in the franchise, Natalie Portman, writer and director Taika Waititis Thor: Love and Thunder, just spilled a big tea.
Natalie portrayed Dr. Jane Foster in the first two Thor films where Chris Hemsworth wielded this magical hammer. Now is Jane's turn, but it remains to be seen how Jane goes from being a very human scientist to a Norse goddess.
But in an interview with Fatherly, Natalie teased that Jane will be fighting more than one battle once she steps into her superhero powers.
After revealing that the new film was based on the comic strip Mighty Thor, she announced that Jane "is going through cancer treatment and is a superhero on the side."
In the comic, Jane discovers she has cancer after her husband and child die in a car accident. While it's unclear whether this loss will be part of Jane's story (she is no longer with Thor), fans now know that Jane's next chapter will include treatment.
Natalie Portman's best roles
Natalie, who last portrayed the character in Thor: Dark World in 2013, is currently preparing for the role in Australia. She said fatherly that she was "starting to work out and build muscle" for her big Marvel moment that many fans saw as a long time.
In February, Taika announced to Variety that they would still find key plot points about the upcoming Thor.
When asked if Jane would have cancer, Taika said, "We don't know. That comic run was a huge inspiration and influenced the first drafts. But at Marvel we always change everything."
He added, "I could say one thing now, and in two years it's going to be exactly the opposite - or the thing won't be. We keep writing in post-production as well."
Now the plot details for the new film seem to have been worked out.
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