Why Pregnant Chrissy Teigen Says Her Esophagus “Feels Like Hot Lava”

Chrissy Teigen's pregnancy cravings had a particular impact.
The former model, who announced she was pregnant in August, revealed a surprising part of her pregnancy that went hand in hand with Chrissy's recent eating habits.
"My esophagus feels like hot lava is brewing," she wrote in a Sept. 23 Instagram post, alongside a photo of her and husband John Legend. "And I can't blame anyone but myself and the entire frozen food department at Instacart."
Chrissy's admission comes just a day after she shared another photo to Instagram showing one of her recent guilty pleasure meals, which is all too understandable.
Chrissy Teigen & John Legend's Cutest Family Moments
In the blink of an eye, the Cravings author's stomach is seen next to a bag of crackers and a can of Easy Cheese, as she wrote, "weird at this point."
Pregnancy side effects aside, Chrissy, who shares daughter Luna, 6, and son Miles, 4, with John, recently expressed her hopes of further expanding her family with the singer.
Celebrating their 9th wedding anniversary with John, she hinted at having "more babies" with her husband.
"Happy birthday to my absolute best friend, lover and partner in life," she wrote in a Sept. 14 post. "Thank you for being with me through all my failures, my ups and downs, my heartaches, for growing with me, for raising babies with me that are my proudest gifts."
She added: "We have created the most wonderful life together and all I want to do for the rest of my life is watch you make the world a better place, feed people, bring joy to people, make more babies and your old and gray face kiss one day."
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