Why Sophie Wessex Is the Royal Family's Secret Weapon amid Coronavirus

During the coronavirus pandemic, a certain member of the royal family quietly put on a chef's uniform, hat, mask and gloves once a week and got to work.
Sophie, Countess of Wessex, has joined the ranks of hospitality volunteers, party organizers and others to help feed key health care workers.
Sophie, 55, has helped provide food to various hospitals in the London area, sometimes by making spaghetti or packing goods.
“The countess visited different kitchens every week and was involved in preparing the food, cooking the food and packing the food. She was involved in the process all the time, "says Sophie's friend Peregrine Armstrong-Jones, owner of Bentley's Entertainment's party planning business.
Rhubarb Essen / Instagram Sophie, Countess of Wessex
Rhubarb Essen / Instagram Sophie, Countess of Wessex
"Sophie was literally involved in everything that goes on in the kitchen so nurses can eat," Armstrong-Jones told PEOPLE in this week's issue.
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“When she leaves our kitchen, she usually carries out other projects in different hospitals. It just shows up in different places and just does things. "
The gesture is one of many that the Queen's daughter-in-law showed in the midst of the pandemic. She also volunteered at local grocery banks near her Surrey home, which she shares with husband Prince Edward and her two children, and delivered packages to the homeless. During a shift, she even photographed a volunteer colleague in a mosque for Kate Middleton's portrait project.
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When Sophie volunteered at the Hope Hub in Camberley, "she wanted to try to help in a reserved, personal, and informative way," Mags Mercer, general manager of Hope Hub, told PEOPLE. "She was nice, down to earth and had a very good understanding and was well informed and really very interested. She really got stuck and helped us prepare food parcels - and delivered five ourselves."
Courtesy of Hope Hub, Camberley, and Surrey Sophie, who volunteer to join Hope Hub
"You wouldn't necessarily recognize her and wouldn't expect someone like this to deliver your grocery packs. It was really nicer that it wasn't done for recognition, but because it really could help," adds Mercer.
“When we told the customers about it, they were blown away. They said things like, "Oh no, I looked terrible that day" or "Wow, that's amazing. How nice," recalls Mercer.
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Courtesy of Hope Hub, Camberley, Surrey Sophie is on the way to deliver care packages for Hope Hub, Camberley
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Lighthouse Sophie Wessex helps to pack goods in the lighthouse food bank in Woking
A friend of the countess, who also spent some time at the Lighthouse Foodbank in Woking, tells PEOPLE that she remains humble when it comes to interest in her work.
"She would be very worried if she was raised as a special person, because I don't think she sees herself that way at all," says the friend. "I think she and Edward are both quietly trying to support each other." the role of the queen. "

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