Why the Bachelorette Finale Skipped the ‘After the Final Rose’ Special

The Bachelorette had an almost perfect finale on December 22nd. The episode featured the highly anticipated return of Ben Smith and gave Bachelor Nation one of the finest engagements in franchise history between Tayshia Adams and Zac Clark. As I said, perfect ... except for the fact that there was no "After the Final Rose" special!
The fans weren't happy about it. "Ok, don't get me wrong, I'm ECSTATIC. Zac and Tayshia are together, but where is ours after the last rose I have to close?" Tweeted Brett S. Vergara.
"I need to know that Brendan, Ivan and Ben are fine," added another fan.
Ultimately, host Chris Harrison announced that the “After the Final Rose” ceremony this season simply wasn't possible this season due to the coronavirus pandemic. "It pains me that there is no AFR live special this #TheBachelorette season," he tweeted on December 22nd. "Because of the holidays and the difficulty of bringing people together safely during this time, this just wasn't possible." But hopefully we'll be back for #TheBachelor. "
Hopefully is correct! But it wasn't just the fans and Harrison who missed out on this seasonal tradition. Bachelorette Tayshia Adams also looked forward to showing their happy relationship on this national stage. "Since we've been in secret for so long, I really wish I could have stood on this stage and said," Yeah, it was him all along! And we've been engaged for so long! "And just shout it from the rooftops," said Adams to Glamor the day after the final was broadcast on ABC. "But it is what it is and we are just happy."
Of course there was an advantage. "It was so nice to be able to watch the last episode with my family and have Zac here," she continued. “When someone cheers [on screen], we all cheer and start screaming. They were just really sweet memories that I will keep forever. "
Additional coverage from West Coast Editor Jessica Radloff.
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