Why Trump Administration’s Lawsuit Probably Won’t Stop John Bolton’s Book From Coming Out

The Trump administration's lawsuit - and the Department of Justice's request for an injunction on Wednesday night - against John Bolton for his upcoming book, The Room Where It Happened, is unlikely to prevent the book from reaching the shelves, legal experts say. The lawsuit filed on Tuesday argues that Bolton - Trump's former national security advisor - violated his contractual and fiduciary obligations by disclosing classified information in the book, and continued with a release date on June 23 without receiving formal approval the government. The Trump administration requests that publication be delayed and asks Bolton to inform its publisher Simon & Schuster that it is not authorized to disclose the information contained in its book and to cause the publisher to share copies with third parties. The DOJ's application for an injunction is intended to prevent Bolton from even publishing the book. The "classified information" contained therein would, according to the Washington Post, "damage the national security of the United States". The injunction request also states that if a court orders Bolton, its publisher should also be bound by the injunction. But Stuart Benjamin, the ...
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