Why you shouldn't sleep naked during a heatwave

Experts warn that sleeping naked will make you hotter than sleeping in pajamas. (Photo: Getty)
As Britain is preparing for the heat wave forecast for this week, many of us are already concerned about how our sleep will affect us.
The forecast highs of 33 ° C will bring hot nights and an uncomfortable environment to sleep in, given that very few British homes have air conditioning.
There are numerous hacks that round off any heat wave (frozen pillows, frozen hot water bottles, no curtains or windows open during the day ... we tried them all), but experts believe that we definitely shouldn't do this: sleep naked.
Sleeping without clothes seems like a good idea, but experts suggest that it actually makes you hotter.
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"Sleeping naked seems to be the answer for most people when it comes to uninterrupted sleep in the heat, but that's a myth," reveals Christabel Majendie, sleep expert at Naturalmat.
As it turns out, wearing pajamas wicks sweat away from your body and you feel much cooler and more comfortable.
Who knew?
"When you sleep, bare sweat actually collects on your body and then stays there. The fabric in the pajamas wipes the moisture away from your body, so sleeping naked won't help you cool off, ”Majendie explains.
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This rule does not apply to babies. The Lullaby Trust advises parents that babies can sleep well in a diaper in hot weather.
The National Sleep Foundation recommends keeping windows, blinds, and curtains closed during the day to keep the hot temperature out.
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It should also be borne in mind that sleeping with a fan all night can be harmful to your health.
According to the Sleep Advisor, sleeping with a ventilator can spread allergies, cause dry skin and cause sore muscles.
It seems there is a big list of things we shouldn't do to stay cool during a heat wave, but there is some wise advice we should try to keep ourselves from throwing ourselves into the evening and to transform?
If you live in a multi-story building, you already know that the heat is rising (yes, that's why your room is very hot). Therefore, the National Sleep Foundation recommends pulling down if you can.
Creating a temporary bedroom in your lounge may not be the most practical form of living in the long run. However, if you have a bedroom that is too hot on hand, it is time to be inventive.

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