Widow of Russian colonel who shot himself with 5 bullets writes letter to Putin

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Yulia, the widow of the deputy head of the Pacific Higher Naval School [one of the two higher educational institutions of the Russian Navy] Vadim Boyko, wrote an open letter to Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, saying that her husband "self-execution" , after he was accused of not complying with Putin's conscription measures.
Source: Latvia-based Russian media company Meduza
Details: The woman is asking Putin to lead the investigation into the death of her husband, who reportedly committed suicide at his workplace.
The letter is dated November 20th.
In her letter, Yulia Boyko said that on September 16, a conscription post was appointed at the school where her husband worked.
Russian Colonel Vadim Boyko was put in charge of the registration, housing and control of conscripts.
Since then, according to her, he has hardly spent any nights at home, tried to solve the problems that arose, but found no support from the leadership and at some point realized that he was being “made a scapegoat” for all the failures and shortcomings ".
Then her husband was sent to the training ground in the village of Sergeyevka in Primorsky Krai [Russian Far East], where he was to be responsible for repairing military equipment to be sent to Ukraine to the combat zone, as well as for training the conscripts.
Yulia says that her husband had difficulties because "it is impossible to conduct combat missions with such equipment," but Commodore Oleg Zhuravlev, the head of the military school, did not provide him with any help.
According to the woman, her husband had been suffering from insomnia for about a month; during that time he had lost 15 kilograms in weight.
On November 14, representatives of the commission from the city of Khabarovsk [Russian Far East] visited the training ground to examine the complaints of the conscripts.
According to her, Commodore Zhuravlev, the head of the military school, "was able to disguise himself" and took sick leave, and her husband was informed that he would be prosecuted.
Quote from Julia's letter: "The inspectors have openly informed Colonel Boyko that he is charged with debts of more than 100 million rubles for the loss of and damage to state property and will be criminally responsible for the confiscation of property."
Her husband's body was found on the morning of November 16. According to the woman, her husband came from the training ground to the building of the Naval School in the city of Vladivostok and went to his supervisor's office.
Quote from Julia's letter: "Yes, he enters his [supervisory] office and not his own, as all the media write, sits in his chair and fires five bullets with a service weapon, but not aimed at his head, it's not the target to finish everything as soon as possible."
Meduza notes that this is probably the first case of such suicide in Russia, that is, in fact, self-execution.
Yulia Boyko believes that her husband "by his actions clearly wanted to attract the attention of the leadership of the Russian Federation and send them a signal that there is a problem, that something needs to be done, that the Motherland is in danger."
The body of Vadim Boyko with multiple gunshot wounds was found on November 16 at the Naval Academy. Media reported that five shell casings and four Makarov pistols were allegedly found at the scene. Law enforcement officials did not comment on this.
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Wladimir Putin
President of Russia

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